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  1. Why are you comparing Jlaw to rdj anyway? They're at different stages in their careers. Jlaw probably only has a very small window of it girl status. She's a modern day Julia Roberts. Meanwhile RDJ will continue working well into retirement age.
  2. ikr. Im not confident that movie is going to make a splash. This is a way better spot for Predator than competing against Black Panther.
  3. Ryan Reynolds has had mostly misses in his career. I don't expect a breakout type performance for this. 45-50m
  4. I still dont understand the reasoning for opening Smurfs right after BATB and Boss Baby. Another bone-headed decision by Sony. They could have atleast waited until next week to release it.
  5. Out but ppl are over-predicting Spidey Im think Apes does 220m Homecoming does 280m
  6. All of them will be certified flops and probably won't be having large wide releases.
  7. Too soon to tell, these limited specialty releases are a different animal. It could totally collapse upon expansion.
  8. So is this moving to August?
  9. Why Watson? She's a mediocre actress, and has no charisma or star power. Emma Stone would be a better pairing.