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  1. I think they should go wide with it Labor Day as well. There seems to be enough interest. But Weinstein hasn't been the smartest lately.
  2. I know. But the person I quoted was trying to compare Elizabeth to them as if they have similar careers. That's not the case, Elizabeth is a serious actress. Olsen Twins were not.
  3. Olsen Twins are a brand not actresses. They don't even make movies anymore so you don't make sense.
  4. It's gonna be hard for this to flop with only a 13m budget. The only reason passengers crossed 100m domestic with bad reviews and Star Wars as competition is because of her and Pratt. However, if you want a better test Red Sparrow would be it.
  5. MOTHER! under 60 dom club

    You should make a riskier club like under 30m a lot of people are already predicting 40-50m for this film.
  6. I don't think it's gonna be the second highest grossing comedy of the summer. Probably does around 10-12m OW and 35m Dom I don't get these 20m predictions it has no hype.
  7. Unless it totally explodes at the film festival circuit im not expecting 100m. However it could do like 60-80m like other fall adult thrillers (The Accountant, Girl on the Train, Prisoners,
  8. Prettt big number. Probably high 30s for the weekend. Once again the studios dropped the ball this August, could have opened a big movie last weekend. Now the holdovers are going to benefit, even some of the sucky ones.
  9. Why would it hurt his image? Not like there was adultery or abuse. This isn't a ben affleck or Arnold schwartsnagger situation.
  10. It's in awkward release date and barely any hype but it should find some audience. 13m OW 45 Dom
  11. It should not have caused that much damage. Every actor has a flop or too. That's just an excuse people use to justify why Halle didn't have a bigger career. She's attractive and a good actress and should of have gotten more and better roles.
  12. I think so. Halle needed a win, in always surprised why she never had a bigger career. It seems like hollywood never knew what to do with her after the Oscar win.

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