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  1. This is poised to do very well. I think not only comic book fans but a large diverse audience could propel it. Specifically black audiences do want to see other genres of film with black leads other than the usually shitty romantic comedies. We've seen that demonstrated with Hidden Figures and Get Out this year and Straight Outta Compton a few years ago. This could very well hit 200m+ maybe even passing Doctor Strange.
  2. It's getting released April 2018, so I think the earliest trailer we'll get is probably this November with Coco.
  3. Nobody went to kong for Hiddleston, I doubt his offers will significantly change. Besides Kong isn't a huge hit.
  4. Unless something bigger moves to August, you may be right. Right now it looks like just Annabelle 2 and The Emoji movie, plus a bunch of adult-skewing films, not alot of mainstream fare.
  5. A wrinkle in time has a better cast though. I'm worried about it too because I'm not sure how popular the book is with kids these days.
  6. That would be an underwhelming number, I don't know what y'all are smoking.
  7. Yeah I don't get that criticism? Having an accent is not something she can change.
  8. The numbers are meh, WB expect more for their 190m budgeted tentpole.
  9. its truly a shame that this is sandwiched between Logan and BATB. Now with Get Out breaking out as well it just gives no room to breathe. 45m OW/ 125m DOM so essentially Tarzan numbers.
  10. Get Out will be one of the biggest BO stories this year. Amazing run so far.
  11. Lmao. Of course it was made for financial reward.All movies are made for that reason. Atleast when it comes to studios.
  12. It's not impressive for supposed blockbusters, but for mid-budget films like this it's an important milestone.
  13. don't films usually have a 2-week gaurantee? how did collide lose so many theaters already?
  14. Weinstein is a mess lately, moving and removing films of their slate almost religiously. I think they should have gone for a February release as well.