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  1. I think Blade Runner will beats Kingsman 2 if they remain on those dates. Kingsman seems like a one-off film, that didn't need a sequel.
  2. I don't get why Paramount spent that much in tv ads when they had to take a write down on the film. Bad decisions all around.
  3. black Canadian is the more appropriate word to use. A large percentage of black Canadians are from the West Indian/Caribbean dysphoria. They have totally different culture and tastes from African americans.
  4. Fifty shades darker already in pulse. 50m+OW looking good right now
  5. It's hard to know what his real worth is, because he's only starred in two films with bigger stars then him outside of the franchise stuff. Atleast hes been smarter than Hemsworth in that regard, the sole blame can't be put on him. He doesn't have a outright flop (yet), so the jury is still out. He needs some films with him has the biggest star.
  6. Yes it should be at 94-95m by the end of next week. After that it just depends on holds. There are lots of new releases taking up space even though most will probably bomb.
  7. So it looks like this is gonna make over 300m WW. The last major place left to open is Japan in March. Its performance so far reminds me of Elysium and Oblivion, other original star driven sci-fi that were modest performers.
  8. I still don't know why Lionsgate doesn't just move this to August. Lackluster marketing seems to indicate that they know it's not going to do well in March. Everyone is excited to see either B&TB or Logan.
  9. It had the best hold of the Christmas holdovers. Should be at 90m after this weekend and probably 94-95m after next weekend. I don't see how it misses 100m unless it starts have really bad drops.
  10. Assuming they both get Oscar noms, the BO runs should be quite healthy well into February. Theaters will be eager to drop these new MLK releases and keep the awards fare in theaters since that is what most people are willing to see in January. Although i think La La Land is ultimately getting several wins so it's legs should be better.
  11. It could work. They would have to add more musical numbers, there weren't enough in the film.
  12. They should have went full musical with this. The screenplay wasn't strong enough in this film to support it. Nitpicks: -They should have had Mia and Sebastian sing a few parts in "Another Day of Sun" it felt weird to not include the main characters in the intro song, instead just a random group of people. -I feel like Sebastian needed another big solo number to do with his jazz aspirations. -They should have put in another upbeat number in the place of that montage with Sebastian and Mia seeing the sights in Los Angeles. Them randomly dancing on the train seemed out of place without a musical number.
  13. Why did Paramount dump this is January? They should have put it in July/August atleast it would have had a chance to make more with summer weekdays.