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  1. China remains a mess as far as movie taste goes.
  2. They should have sent this straight to VOD
  3. Doing marginally better than Out of the Shadows isn't great. Lionsgate doesn't want another Divergent situation happening here.
  4. Universal is having a great start to the year. Fifty Shades Darker (55m budget) on the way to 300m+ WW Split(9m budget) gonna make 200m+ WW A Dogs Purpose (22m budget) 50m+ domestically. Controversy didn't hurt it too much if at all. The Great Wall underperformed but Legendary handled most of the costs there. Get Out looks poised to be another breakout horror hit. Then they have their jauggernaut billion dollar franchises coming (Despicable Me and Fast &Furious) They could launch another one with The Monster Universe (the mummy), a lot riding on that film. The only questionable films on their calendar seems to be The Snowman (sorry fassbender) and some Christmas romance called Let it Snow.
  5. im sad Tarn didnt get the Han Solo gig and signed up for this. It's a clear bomb to me, no one cares about Robin Hood right now.
  6. Im not seeing this for Emma Watson. Her acting looks like the weakest aspect so far actually. Hopefully, she's not distracting too much.
  7. Thats the narrative that the studios want you to believe but when the few black american films come out, they dont fare any better or any worse than other white American films. Unless you're a huge star like Dicaprio or Hanks ( Will Smith back in the day); it's tough to sell American central films period. Just look at this BOM comparison between Hidden Figures and films like The Butler, Lone Survivor, Unbroken and Lincoln. http://www.boxofficemojo.com/showdowns/chart/?id=hidfigures.htm The Butler and Hidden Figures(eventually) both made more worldwide than Lone Survivor and Unbroken. Also Hidden Figures will make more money than the last two BP winners: Birdman (103m ww) and Spotlight (88m ww) even if it doesn't win BP. Moonlight (an indie about a black gay male from Miami) has already done better domestically and performing on par overseas with other oscar American indies like Room, Whiplash. It's currently looking at between 30-40m WW with 1.5m budget. http://deadline.com/2017/02/moonlight-international-box-office-a24-1201913834/
  8. Pacific Rim 2 is also currently slated for Feb. one of them have to move.
  9. I'm getting A Knights Tale vibes from this. Which is ironic because Charlie Hunam is basically a knock-off Heath Ledger.
  10. It's doing ok for limited release. FSL plan to expand A United Kingdom to 400 theaters by mid march. We'll see what the story looks like then. As for FSL as a company, they're being passed up by younger hipper indie studios like A24 and now Netflix/Amazon. I think they have to find their an identity again. Just looking at their 2017 slate, it seems a bit confused to me : Table 19, Wilson, Gifted, My Cousin Rachel, Battle of the Sexes Compared to A24 which has: Free Fire, The Lovers, It Comes At Night, How to Talk to Girls At Parties. A24 seems more interesting and exciting.
  11. Naw it would have been destroyed with that Christmas glut. Look how badly Assassins Creed flopped. They for sure would have hurt each other more. Atleast now it can save some face have chance to finish above 30m. ( which is still horrible)