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  1. BO Germany/Austria: DM3 stays on top, Valerian #2

    I suppose that's mainly due to an older demographic; weather always hits family and teenager stuff hardest while arthouse doesn't get influenced much.
  2. Valerian (2017)

    Yep but not by any government. It was just one villain (which I thought was actually a nice idea, keeping it small)
  3. Valerian (2017)

    No, he already had done the deed. The economy mumbojumbo was his excuse for keeping his mouth shut and silencing his crew to cover the tracks, the reasoning going that if it became known, the humans would be expelled from Alpha. A bit far-fetched but as your criminal mind goes, we've seen plenty sillier motives in movies
  4. Valerian (2017)

    Are you sure we we're talking about the same movie here?
  5. Valerian (2017)

    8/10 A- here's my imdb review: The first thing you'll observe about Luc Besson's Valerian is how gorgeous it looks, how much work went into the perfect realisation of this world. In a time where nearly every blockbuster features tons of CGI, Valerian stands out and highlights how cheaply the effects are done in most of the other ones. Next, the sheer inventiveness of designers, artists, set builders, wardrobe and makeup - again, makes us painfully realise how off-the-rack and dull most blockbusters are. Add to that Besson's quirky aesthetics and you're in a world that's nearly overpowering you with its inventiveness, its visual splendour, and also plain fun. I mean, a movie where a Jessica Rabbit cameo doesn't feel forced or out of place, that's just unique. In my opinion, the optical fireworks were even a bit overdone, some scenes were plainly set up in a certain way to make them more spectacular but didn't really add to the story - an early on action sequence in a half-virtual market comes to mind that would work nearly equally well in a normal bazaar, just without some gags. As to the story-line - lovers of the books (as I am) will recognise a lot of ingredients and species, and the main set-piece, a space city, is obviously taken from "L'Ambassadeurs des Ombres", but the story itself is a new one and revolves around a planet wiped out in a war about 30 years back, and the repercussions thereof. The "secret" someone wants to keep is not that secret to us, in fact about half an hour into the movie you already have a pretty good idea of what's going on, the joy comes from the detours we're taking on the road to the happy ending, not from silly plot twists. Now, the characters, Valerian and Laureline: Dane DeHaan looks too young for his part from the comics (where Valerian was the more experienced partner, here he just has a higher degree), Cara Delevingne is perfectly cast, standing her ground with just the right amount of sarcasm and spunk. The team dynamics were as readers know it - Valerian the one who tends to stick to the rules and play by book while Laureline tends to act more impulsively - but both working together really well, be it as a duo or solo. There is a romance angle in the movie that was not taken from the books and feels a bit forced, thankfully it stays marginal and doesn't lessen the overall enjoyment. And cheers to the screenwriters (Besson, mostly) for not going full in with the stakes. While there's some serious action here - people die and some more might die if V&L didn't succeed - it's actually a rather smallish plot, with just one single villain, and no worlds or even the universe to be saved, just the lives of some innocent bystanders. Big recommendation for all fans of colourful SciFi and optical fireworks!
  6. BO Germany/Austria: DM3 stays on top, Valerian #2

    Weekend trends from insidekino.de: #1: DM3 - 600k admissions (-10%) #2: Valerian - 200k #3: SM:H - 175k (-40%) #4: Pubertier - 95k (-5%)
  7. BO Germany/Austria: DM3 stays on top, Valerian #2

    I avoid 3D whenever possible ... we're paying € 7,00 exactly per ticket for Valerian 2D on Thursday (weekends are more expensive)
  8. BO Germany/Austria: DM3 stays on top, Valerian #2

    Germany's Top20 last weekend: title admissions th. PTA total adm. total € drop week 1 Despicable Me 3 681.021 777 876 1.926.833 16.683.862 -20 2 2 Spider-Man Homecoming 298.739 621 481 300.618 3.243.220 - 1 3 Das Pubertier 98.061 394 249 230.688 1.855.007 +42 2 4 Transformers 5 70.132 493 142 1.054.663 12.137.720 -36 4 5 Baywatch 50.593 434 117 1.788.495 14.870.044 -9 7 6 Pirates of the Caribbean 5 47.031 412 114 2.471.188 26.015.646 -5 8 7 Rough Night 43.021 495 87 316.645 2.621.369 -16 3 8 Wonder Woman 25.248 301 84 712.777 7.569.919 -40 5 9 Paris Can Wait 20.017 76 263 21.269 186.560 - 1 10 Il a déjà tes yeux 16.584 204 81 33.635 227.439 - 1 11 The Mummy 15.903 223 71 641.617 6.937.549 -31 6 12 Gifted 15.315 113 136 31.704 201.189 - 1 13 Un Profil Pour Deux 13.720 215 64 170.019 1.256.744 -1 4 14 Auf der anderen Seite ist das Gras viel grüner 12.753 179 71 30.925 234.938 - 1 15 Miss Sloane 11.578 82 141 50.401 369.647 +11 2 16 Hanni & Nanni - Mehr als beste Freunde 9.836 387 25 332.441 2.092.398 +21 8 17 The Beguiled 8.810 119 74 68.870 572.064 -8 3 18 Diary of a Wimpy Kid 4 7.591 365 21 285.226 1.809.372 -2 7 19 Fallen 7.536 105 72 8.958 70.437 - 1 20 Willkommen bei den Hartmanns 6.984 57 123 3.662.280 29.247.957 +192 37 Six new releases in the Tops 20 - Spider-Man Homecoming was the big opener but didn't make much noise; a PTA of <500 is not what we were hoping for - that's on the level of TASM, no more. Among holdovers, there were nice drops or even increases - the only bad drops were Wonder Woman and Transformers 5. Despicable Me 3 ruled again; it didn't increase like the Minions did, but it's on course for well over 4mil total and still has a chance at 5mil. Next weekend: Valerian is the big opener, but there's little buzz and it should open even lower than Spidey, so a 3rd weeekend on top for Gru and the Minions! Weather for the weekend is looking rather movie-friendly, so expect good holds! If domestic comedy Das Pubertier can increase once more, we'll have four releases with >100k admissions, not bad at all for a July weekend!
  9. BO Germany/Austria: DM3 stays on top, Valerian #2

    DM3 seems to have counted 680k admissions for the weekend, that's a 20% drop, already over 1,9mil total. S:H a bit better than final estimates, but 300k OW are definitely a disappointment.
  10. The original french title of the series is just "Valerian" with the subtitle "agent spatio-temporel" In Germany the series was calles "Valerian und Veronique" (they renamed Laureline)
  11. BO Germany/Austria: DM3 stays on top, Valerian #2

    The basic problem is that Germans (and Austrians, to a lesser degree) are not that much into movies, as witnessed by the low overall admissions. I think in the USA you got 3 admissions/year per capita while here it's not even half of that (maybe someone cares to deliver detail data?). France is somewhere between those numbers. So, movie-going is rarely the nr.1 choice when it comes to leisure activities - there's a lot of people who only consider watching a movie if there's no outdoor activity availabe (which includes beergardens and barbecues).
  12. BO Germany/Austria: DM3 stays on top, Valerian #2

    yep, looking at the holds, I'd say we have another case of superhero fatigue ...
  13. BO Germany/Austria: DM3 stays on top, Valerian #2

    Saturdsay Update: DM3 up to 600k for the weekend, S:H down to 350.
  14. BO Germany/Austria: DM3 stays on top, Valerian #2

    #1: DM3 - 575k (-32%) #2: S:H - 400k #3: Pubertier - 100k (+45%, wow)
  15. BO Germany/Austria: DM3 stays on top, Valerian #2

    that's true, today with CBM inflation half of that would be a super result! But Spidey was always a bit more popular than most of the other Superheroes ... I guess the TASM movies dragged the must-see factor down.

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