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  1. yeah that's right but it still flopped for a blockbuster IMO. or heavily underperformed. I'm gonna compare those blockbuster franchises to movies like star wars, guardians, avengers, xmen, etc not saying it should do close to them at all, but those movie made like 5-4x their budget (x men is fading but yeah...)
  2. Thanks And imdb says the anna kendrick movie is crime thriller And smart of her to reject the SS role since all attention would have been on harley quinn anyway
  3. it says announced in chris pine's imdb instead of rumored, whatever
  4. i cant believe star trek is getting a sequel after this one flopped
  5. she turned down suicide squad? really? how long is cara's screen time? anyway about the "female bond" movie, i doubt it'll be a franchise unless the budget is relatively small like atomic blonde
  6. Skyline Sequel (Beyond Skyline)

    but why dont u count overseas numbers? lol. if done right, this movie will easily make more than 21m dom
  7. she was too skinny in the movie, made her ass look flat she looks better with a little more weight
  8. Skyline Sequel (Beyond Skyline)

    omg just shut up. 78m on a 10m budget is amazing. of course it would deserve a sequel. you're just wrong. You're acting like this was supposed to be a serious movie with good reviews that ended up failing at the bo
  9. Their promo is an instagram account that no one follows
  10. Skyline Sequel (Beyond Skyline)

    I dont think they cared as long as it made money which it did for its budget. It IS weird that a sequel is being made 7 years ago tho, why was the budget so small??? were the effects that awful?
  11. Skyline Sequel (Beyond Skyline)

    they're both money seeking. do you think they expected the first one to get oscar noms or something?
  12. why did u bump thid to post a freaking pic?? anyway i hate blake's long breaks, her next movie will come out 2 years after this

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