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  1. Too bad for Emma? Too bad for the guy from Boyhood playing a boyfriend left behind for Boyega!
  2. Any other CB fan concerned that they are rushing the Dark Phoenix story again? This Jean just got discovered and used Phoenix-level powers in the same movie. Ingenue to massive power to evil turn already?
  3. How close are we to a lock that Logan tops F8 domestically?
  4. MCU... checking... Thor: The Dark World? Damnit!
  5. Captain Marvel and Black Panther are certainly in line historically for their own solos regardless of the character's demographics. I love Cap and Thor, but I'm ready for BP and CM.
  6. Cameron says A2 won't be ready for 2018. Disney ponders moving Han Solo movie... It's a trap!!
  7. Can we get a Mater heel turn?
  8. Puss In Boots 2011? 3% drop from first weekend.
  9. Anecdotal evidence. I never go to horror movies*, but the reviews and subject matter have me seeing it on Saturday. * - Unless Green Room counts
  10. Fist Fight... terrible. It wasn't nearly funny enough to excuse the stupidity of the story. I liked the plot hook and Ice Cube should win the Presidential Medal of Freedom some day, but this movie stunk.
  11. I want to see The Founder, but my local indy theater preferred Jackie, 20th Century Women and The Eagle Huntress. I'll catch all of these on Redbox later.