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  1. oh come on now. obviously Ethan didn't mean rape when he said that.
  2. Hey I said I never think I'll ever believe I'll want to get married for a reason.
  3. I've never had a long-lasting relationship. Or a short-lasting relationship really. But the concept comes from my deeply-rooted faith and upbringing.
  4. Apparently the generation in school now is the least likely to drink underage but it's still very ineffective. But it has to do with teens being more likely to drunk drive than other age groups I think.
  5. Cool. I'm pretty sure the legal age in Mexico is five hundred pesos. Chances are everyone will be me to losing virginity. I don't believe in sex until after marriage and I don't believe I'll ever want to get married so....
  6. Trust me, you don't need to be drunk to act like a moron. That is a fallacy.
  7. Depends on the drink. Obviously you should wait until your 21, but I've had some alcohol. Hate beer because it's carbonated, hated I think white wine when I tried it, but I liked margaritas and other flavorful drinks. There's nothing wrong with drinking within moderation once your of legal age.
  8. Or sexually transmitted diseases.
  9. shameless meaningless casual safe sex, right? Not that I'm encouraging anything to happen. But condoms dude! Condoms!
  10. Congrats! Woo! If your going to a 4-year college, prepare for the best 4 years of your life!
  11. Damn. That was actually a really funny vid. 10/10 post.
  12. The rumors in my high school went so over the top. I ignored them though.
  13. Hopefully by then you'll have moved on and you won't care what she does. 'cause fuck her.
  14. http://www.miamiherald.com/news/nation-world/national/article145281069.html WTF.