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  1. Since we did bring them up I think part of the reason Valerian didn't do well is GotG. It's a series that is pretty similar to Valerian in many ways. Audiences already had a movie like Valerian to enjoy.
  2. The Classic Conversation Thread: The Sequel

    Why doesn't Ethan just give his gf another one of his hoodies? Like did he only have one? Has he been going without a hoodie this whole time? How will he survive climate change?
  3. Right and if you look at the chart you provided the percentage of the population that went to the theater went up in the fifties. The huge decline was in the forties during World War 2 and then a small decline in the sixties. When cable became a thing, it's the eighties-way past the decline. As for the theaters that closed that's because the theater business had to completely change. Not to compete with TV but because of antittust lawsuits that ended studio ownership of theaters. Theater chains were thus made independent and a lot of them couldn't adapt to it.
  4. EuropaCorp will probably do smaller projects for a while. Some of the distributors might or might not go out of business. I don't know.
  5. Right but EuropaCorp will still be fine. Everyone who distributes movies knows it's a risky business.
  6. The world changes. It happens. When TV first came out, movie theater owners thought it would be the end of the theatrical experience. They fought like hell against cable thinking HBO would be the end of them so much so theaters ran propoganda. If the theaterical experience can survive TV, cable, piracy then it should be fine. If it can't well the world changes.
  7. Once again your allowed to say if you liked it or not. Man white teenage boys really can't take that their opinion isn't supreme.

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