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  1. Easily one of the best films of the 21st Century. And quite possibly the greatest revenge story every told on the big screen. A must see.
  2. Never change Dash, Never change!
  3. Has this been done before? If so I apologize! Which JJ led 'soft-reboot' movie did a better job, Star Trek '09 or The Force Awakens? Both are great films in my opinion but overall I'ld have to give the edge to Star Trek because of how it cleverly reboots the franchise without pissing on 45ish years of history compared to TFA which copies from its source material more.
  4. Weren't people predicting a much smaller budget after Star Trek into Darkness did what it did? Glad to see that prediction worked out well for ya all. It still has a reasonable shot at 200M Domestic. It's going to be just fine. This franchise is a merchandising juggernaut.
  5. Where's the laughter? Wheres the laughter!?! Where's the wit! Where's the wit! Why am I repeating everything twice? Why am I repeating everything twice? 3/10 I am surprised that Leslie Jones was the best part of this film though. Kudos to her. Also surprised at the love for Hemsworth. He is basically a worse version of Jason Stratham from Spy. Just like this movie is the worst version of a Paul Feig movie so far.
  6. Reviews are better than I thought! I'll probably go along and see this in the cinema now. However if this movie is actually good, that marketing team needs to be shot, then set on fire, and then electrocuted to death. Some of the worst marketing I've seen for a major tent-pole release.
  7. Here is what's going to happen. Its going to be a mediocre reviewed film outside of a few outliners that will be wildly positive or downright hateful. Those who see the film will be a big collective 'meh' and the movie itself will be forgotten almost as quickly as the Robocop remake. Only the people still bitching about this film in 2 months time will be the true sexists.
  8. One of the things that made Ghost Busters such a great film is that while it was a comedy, it was also shot like a real film. Everything we have seen so far, including the CGI shows that this is shot like a comedy.
  9. I have never seen a pair of trailers for a major Hollywood Tent Pole film that are worse then the Ghostbusters ones. I'm sorry but this is just fucking terrible and unless the reviews come out and surprise the hell out of me I'll be skipping this one.
  10. As I said, it was handled like ass in the movie. But thematically it makes sense and BKB's 'rewrite' makes none.
  11. The Theme is not thrown out the window, as I said, Batman realises that Superman is a good guy and fighting him was wrong. Martha is the catalyst for him realising that. Its set up earlier on in the film that he doesn't trust the guy because of his origin and his powers and the revelation that he has a mum and cares for her just as Batman did with his mum helps him realise he was wrong to assume there was a chance that Superman wanted to make the world burn. Batman is fundamentally a good guy and once he comes to that decision he isn't just going to continue to beat superman's ass for the lols. Obviously he is gonna help him out. I don't really like defending BvS because its a mess of a film but thematically that is entirely consistent with the movie. even if it was handled like ass.
  12. Sorry BKB but your rewrite makes no sense. Batman's reaction to Martha makes sense because up until that point in the film he has not identified with Superman at all and considers him some alien, some God even and can't relate to him on any level and hence is scared of what Superman could do to humanity. When he works out why in the fuck Superman is screaming Martha it clicks in his mind that Superman is not some God, just someone like him who would do anything to protect those that he loves. And if he can love his foster mum so much that his potential last words are of her, than clearly despite being an Alien he is clearly someone who can love and who can empathize; and therefore his public persona of wanting to be the 'good guy' matches his private beliefs. It's handled fucking awkwardly in the movie but thats what they were going for. Batman coming to this realisation that Superman feels like a human only to come back and try to beat the shit out of him again after he has helped save his mum makes zero sense.
  13. I'm genuinely surprised at just how much love this movie is getting. It's a well directed movie with good action, but plot-wise this thing suffers from exactly the same flaws that BvS did in that its attempting to cram too many plot threads into its runtime to be worthy of a 91% RT. Iron Man and Capt motivations are somewhat well explained although hardly explored as much as they should had been, but for the rest of the Avengers that showed up for their paychecks,iIt did rather seem like Capt and Iron Man picking Avengers like 2 high school kids picking basketball teams on the school playground. We get SpiderMan because of....reasons! Yeah well we get Ant-Man! Not to mention the Villain is completely wasted in yet another Marvel movie. Which is a shame because I liked this guys backstory, and I liked his idea to destroy the Avengers from within but dude simply didn't have the screentime to do those ideas any justice. In short its This is one film that should had been two parts.