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  1. Absolutely stunning OW for BatB! Can't wait to see what this delivers overall!
  2. (Did my last reply not work? ) Hi Long story short Ive been very busy :/ i meant 13-15 for OW.. not sure if that's now way out of the question..
  3. The first non-$200m opener to make $100m 2nd WE ?
  4. Can we expect something in the $13-15m area for BatB?
  5. 11% drop this week for Dory. Its going to be an insane couple of weeks ahead.
  6. 27% drop for Dory - here we go!
  7. Great for Dory! School holidays will keep it alive for a while!
  8. And not worth $21. Not even close. Maybe a 5.5/10. 6 if you catch me in a good mood.
  9. Sunday 8.15pm Bankstown - sold out. Front to back. Side to side. Full as anything.
  10. Sweet thanks. I couldn't get onto the all time list on mpdaa
  11. Sweet thanks. I couldn't get onto the all time list on mpdaa
  12. Will Deadpool reach top 10 all time? (If it hasn't already)
  13. $40m is very strong possibility right?