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  1. So unless I'm mistaken, Avatar 5 is now the furthest away film with a set release date. Just a fun bit of trivia.
  2. People have been talking about superhero fatigue for a decade now, literally since SM3/IM1/TDK days. The numbers clearly show that there is no sign of fatigue. I don't know why this gets brought up so often.
  3. Can someone tell me if the Marvel Studios intro logo is the same one used from Doctor Strange? A simple yes or no will suffice please.
  4. It's almost poetic how BATB will cross the 1B threshold the day before the very next 1B grosser will be released.
  5. What's up with the whole Smurfs replacing other words thing going on across the site? Did someone hack the sight or something? Cause if not, I think that's very unprofessional and annoying to force people into a meme, one that isn't particularly funny in the first place.
  6. On the subject of kids are back in school in September (mid August where I live actually), kids are in school in February, March and April, but as the past few years have shown, movies can still make bank while kids are in school. Guardians and Suicide Squad have shown that August isn't the barren wasteland it was thought to be in the past, and it's only a matter of time before someone schedules an appealing movie in September that makes a lot of money. It, while it might be open to insane numbers, looks like it could be really leggy. But a big September OW is not that far away, I feel.
  7. What's it take around here for someone to get rid of the "Part 1" in the thread title? It hasn't been that for months now, and many people, including myself, have been inquiring about it for almost as long.
  8. In the past few years, the grosses have shown that if the studios release a quality product (or at least one the GA seems to enjoy), then people will see it. January, February, March, and April used to be avoided, but the in the past few years, we've had movies break out, or at least open, to record breaking numbers, such as American Sniper, Deadpool, The Hunger Games, Alice in Wonderland, Batman v Superman, Furious 7, and most recently, Beauty and the Beast. With the summer and holiday seasons being more packed than ever, studios have to expand outside of the typical release frames. It's only a matter of time before we see movies grossing 70+m OW in September and October, which are the last two months that do not have a movie with at least 85m OW. It's not the date, it's the movies. If Star Wars opened in the middle of September, it would still make 200+ OW. As for this club, based on the gigantic number of trailer views, nostalgia, and an empty September, I will say in, with 60/175 for It.
  9. Does that automatically make Star Wars better?
  10. Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase 2.75: Final Chapter Prologue
  11. Anybody else remember the time that the ASM2 thread got so bad that the mods had to nuke it and start a brand new one for that movie? I've never seen anything like it on BOT before or since then.
  12. Seems like Black Panther has a thing for hitching rides atop moving vehicles
  13. I'll go in and say 100m second weekend
  14. Has Rth forsaken us tonight?