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  1. Very interested to see where they go with this! It's awesome to have anything HP world related to look forward to as long as they continue to preserve the quality of everything. Does this mean we could potentially see some sort of movie to do with the book Quidditch through the Ages?
  2. There only miss this year has been RIPD
  3. I would say this is looking at district 9 adjusted numbers, 41m OW and about 126m total. Pretty good if it is the case.
  4. Yeh the marketing here could really bury this sort of movie fast. Hopefully the movie has substance and they can translate that to the audience through the marketing, if we start seeing 'all-action' marketing this movie is screwed
  5. New trailer released looks great. This club makes sense to me it's ambitious and TLS is the target goal for 47 RONIN to be considered a success. Domestically it will have difficulty finding enough of an opening to hit that 100m mark but I think it will definitely be able to reach short of that with a mediocre opening, which hopefully isnt the case. Could see 80m+ from Japan alone OS. Around 250m from the rest of the world and were looking at a 400-500m WW gross. My prediction DOM: 85M OS: 375M - 460m WW for now. SO IM IN!!
  6. Great trailer, a little more fantasy than I was expecting but that isn't necessarily a bad thing, I've been sitting here thinking about were this will go domestically and OS and I thin like Cjohn mentioned earlier 400m would be a good target but it has the potential to be a 500M+ WW movie.
  7. I'm thinking 85m domestic and 330m OS so yes.
  8. I hope WWZ passes the 200m mark. DM2 should be able to hold well over the next month and gross over 340m.
  9. I was looking at 2015's line up this morning and thought 'wait a sec, that's massive'. It's crowded, definitely, things will move......
  10. Sherlock will definitely see a third movie, a half a billion dollar franchise per movie isn't something WB will sideline, I'm sure the moment RDJ has a slot it will be filled.
  11. Ryan Reynolds as Batman. Might motivate serious riots.
  12. I want RIPD to win just so I can see this Universal run of hits continue.It won't happen so I'd say Red or PR take the win.
  13. Still no trailer of some kind?
  14. That would be big numbers for both. Hopefully DM2 goes H.A.M