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  1. Don't know why you'd think it's specifically aimed at boys. Should be equally popular with gamer girls. Even back in the days when Lara used to be overly sexualized, girls took to her coz she always has been a strong female character.
  2. Well, Sean Connery turned down Gandalf. Wouldn't be the first stupid decision...
  3. Still not sure how that's gonna work. I don't think Cameron would make him a clone in the classical sense. It doesn't sound "realistic" enough. As far as i understand, you can't clone someone's memory and experience. It would have to do in some way with Eywa.
  4. Those headlines seem misleading anyway. Cameron is making Avatar movies for the next how many years? 7? He will not be heavily involved with the Terminator movies, should they even come to pass. Maybe as advisor and or producer.
  5. Well, that's just stupid. But again, it shows the amount of care theaters take... And then they are wondering about declining attendance...
  6. It depends on the... let's call it lighting engine. A worn out light bulb will naturally not produce the amount of light. I'm pretty sure it has nothing to do with analog vs digital.
  7. I'd love a "blind" test, 70mm vs 4k laser. I bet there's a lot of placebo effect going on....
  8. Dimmed lighting? Maybe you're mixing up digital and 3d...
  9. I disagree. It came close to MoS' opening, which is great for a character like Wonder Woman.
  10. I dunno about you but i have no idea who the composer for this is. I kinda like the idea of a fresh voice. Btw, just finished a watch through of Sicario. Man, Villeneuve is really good at this. I'm becoming a fan...
  11. Excuse me but that is bullshit. There are million ways to go. Making it exciting with cool new characters BUT ALSO new and fresh would be one way.
  12. This all works in Avatar's favor. By the time the sequel comes out, 3D will be new and fresh again.
  13. I loved Arnie as the terminator but they should get rid of him and start anew. And please, no going-back-in-time-to-kill-someone again, come up with something else. I still say two words: future war.

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