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  1. Epic for me means grand in scope. Alien movies might have been many things but never grand in scope. It was always about a bunch of people in a rather confined space being eaten by xenomorphs. Dunno about "big themes" either. "Don't mess with the xenomorphs" maybe (hubris of men), and the "company" is bad.
  2. As much as i'd love the bullish predictors to be right, Titanic is a much more realistic benchmark for Avatar 2.
  3. Can somebody please put me to sleep and wake me up at the end of 2020? Can't wait for the first trailer and pre-release hype!!!! Oh, the wait will be grueling...
  4. lol i'm not THAT old. I'm approaching the 40s, though. I'm feeling like 20, which is good, but you never know...
  5. Probably because he doesn't bring in the big bucks anymore, even in his signature roles. Of course that's more on the quality of the movies than him... Wish he would do another gig with his old buddy James Cameron. True Lies 2? Wouldn't that be cool!
  6. It looked like shit. Hasn't stopped other films, though...
  7. I dunno if that's what it was. It read more like he wanted to play a bigger part. The issues he had with the script pertained to his role, not the movie in general. I guess i can understand that.
  8. Over 100m for sure!* *i wanna see what they are doing with the Universal Monster Universe so hopefully this doesn't flop and is decent of course...
  9. Who is gonna create the TLJ over / under Avatar DOM club? Despite me being grumpy yesterday, i'm still excited for this. I'm sure it's gonna be a fine movie and frankly, seeing Luke again - all the deja-vu concerns aside - is just a treat.