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  1. Any predictions for GITS ? It now needs China and Japan to come through with good numbers.
  2. Fury road had serious production issues which caused the budget to balloon up.
  3. Is the budget confirmed ? Blade Runner is a great movie but it was considered a financial failure. Who approved a $200 million budget for the sequel ?
  4. It is one thing to release a $60 million movie in February and it is another to release the sequel of a $800 million movie in September. I think their first preference will be Summer 2018 followed by November/December 2018. Memorial weekend sounds good to me because I fully expect the Han Solo movie to move to December now that Avatar 2 is considered unlikely to be a 2018 release.
  5. Fox has nothing scheduled from March to June 2018 so they can give it any release date they want. I saw their release schedule and they have a Marvel/Fox movie scheduled for November 2018. Is that Gambit or something else ? Avatar 2 is also not going to make the December 2018 release date so that's another option for Deadpool 2.
  6. Wait for international numbers before completely burying GITS. It is underperforming big time domestically but $120 million + from China/Japan and South Korea can still save it.
  7. I think it will need Japan to go completely nuts to beat DH2. It can happen (Frozen).
  8. Atomic Blonde isn't low at all. Its reviews from SXSW are worse than they should be and the hype for trailer isn't quite in the same ballpark as the first John Wick trailer. Theron also has a mixed box office record as an action heroine. The movie is with Focus Features and not Universal pictures so that's also a strike against it.
  9. IMO, BATB is one of the very few Hollywood movies these days with the potential to make $100 million + from Japan.
  10. $1 billion is a lock with so many markets still to open.
  11. It would've passed La La Land's total in just 3 days with Josh Gad playing Belle. Emma Watson has been in a billion dollar movie before but she hasn't come anywhere close to winning an Oscar. She should fire the agent who convinced her to pick BATB over LLL.
  12. I feel sorry for Power Rangers. You don't want to open your movie the week after a $165 million opener.
  13. Logan will probably do $11 million + today. Deadline always underestimates holdovers for some reason.
  14. At this rate BATB will be at $5 million by Monday evening.