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  1. Yeah, people forget that before Winter Soldier, Thor was > than cap in terms of BO, both on the domestic market and on the foreign one. The first Thor wasn't that far away from the first IM when it comes to foreign revenues. Also, remove China, and Thor solo movies still generate bigger foreign revenues than a pure cap solo movie. It only needs one great movie and the hability to finally reduce the gap it has with China to do at the very least as best as a great solo cap movie.
  2. James Gunn‏Verified account @JamesGunn 30m30 minutes ago James Gunn Retweeted Mr. SpiderPool Most people who’ve seen it seem to think it’s better but I just think of it as different - more emotional, organic and humorous. James Gunn added,
  3. Yeah, $100M opening weekend is the minimum, which will be $15M higher than TDW. I personally think that if this movie is perceived as the better of the trilogie, it can have more or less the same type of bump that First Avenger versus Winter Soldier or The Wolverine versus Logan. So i can see it opening somewhere between $115M and $ opening weekend around IM2/MOS. Legs will determine where it can end but anywhere between $240M and $300M seems like a right guess for now.
  4. Yeah, $100M opening weekend is the minimum, which will be $15M higher than TDW. I personally think that if this movie is perceived as the better of the trilogie, it can have more or less the s
  5. Thor:Ragnarok Teaser Trailer is here !
  6. To me, having Tony Stark in it, makes it the main contender for the biggest foreign BO for a CBM this year. When you look at every CBM where IM appeared since 2012, the foreign take alone goes from $895M (TA), $805M (IM3), $945M (AOU) and $745M (Civil War). Granted that most currencies have fallen since 2012, chances are that both AOU and Civil War would have made more with the ER of 2012 or 2013. Quite frankly, taking the current ER, i don't see any CBM featuring RDJ as IM doing less than $650M this year on the foreign market alone.....and i don't see any other CBM doing better overseas this year. You need to have that universal popularity and be among the bigger hitters in every single big markets of each continent to get to those $650+M on the foreign markets. Few franchises/properties can obliterate equally in Asia, Europe and South America. Fewer when it comes to CBMs. They all end up in the vicinity of $400M - $550m overseas in the best case scenario...only those featuring IM tend to end up with an additional $250+M abroad, putting them on target to the one billion club worldwide..
  7. OUT Between, $360m and $420m
  8. Exhibitor Relations ‏@ERCboxoffice 2m2 minutes ago More Marvel's DOCTOR STRANGE debuted #1 in its final territory, Japan, w/ $4.5M this weekend. Int'l total is now $433M, $664M worldwide.
  9. Doctor Strange will finally be released in Japan. Is there some news about presales numbers so far ?
  10. Not to add to the debate but i find Deadpool too vulgar to be considered best of anything. I just hate when movies rely or sell vulgarity wrapped in humour. It kinda cheapen the whole cinematic experience in my view. Many french movies, especially comedies have adopted that route with some clear inclination to scatological juvenile type of humour, hence i hate current french cinema while the old movies from both Italy and France and even Germany were among the best that cinema as a whole could offer, especially when it comes to the the dramatic movies. Even humour back then was more witty, less under the belt, nasty type.
  11. I don't understand why for some of you, IM presence is a problem or a surprise like it wasn't expected from the get go and isn't the whole point of that Sony/Marvel deal. The Sony/Marvel deal was accepted by Sony on the premise that in return to Marvel inclusion of their flagship in the MCU, Sony would use MCU big guns (it was heavily rumoured at the time as being IM and to a lesser extent CA) in their own Spiderman movies. It was known from the start and it wasn't about just cameos. Sony asked for RDJ presence in this movie early on during the deal finalization. It's all about business and surviving in a very competitive market where shared universes and team ups are becoming one of the main selling points. Spiderman as well as his character as Peter Parker had like a 20 minutes of presence in Civil War. I expect IM and Tony Stark to have around the same while the trailer uses him as a main selling point, which is exactly what IM/RDJ is used for in that Spiderman movie. Those deals are probably made in a way that no studio abuse the other one in terms of presence of characters crossing the other studio. So don't expect Sony using IM lesser than the MCU used Spiderman in Civil War when they are the one paying his salary. They expect him to have a bigger role than a mere cameo. They want bigger returns and have the safest bet in RDJ to reach that aim before Spiderman/Tom Holland put the new franchise definitely back track in its own subsequent sequels.
  12. Tony Stark is in it. So it will make at least $700M overseas.