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  1. A long time before the movie releases. Nearly a year. Nothing will get delayed. There's enough time to accommodate another injury, say Cavil's mustache gets sprained.
  2. Han does have a lot of successful clubs. Got to give him that. It is no mean feat.
  3. those two weeks will be kick-ass for hold-overs. movies like Apes really need this scenario. this along with some imax expansion, and 150+ is looking good.
  4. and the week of September 1 despite LD. What if it happens back to back. Holy poopmoji.
  5. Also, we are taking it for granted that it will be a very good/great movie. We forget that WONDR got solid reception all around. Otherwise just banking on sociopolitics it wouldn't have pulled it's run off. We don't even know how BP will be received though at this point with MCU's history I don't expect a bad movie (as far as GA is concerned. There have been movies I personally didn't like but have done very well.) That's why I think expecting DS numbers is a good if a conservative start. With WONDR we were starting sub-200. Till 1-2 months before the release a lot of folks were thinking 75-85 ow / 180-220 dom for WONDR. Things just shot up exponentially after that.
  6. Captain Marvel | March 3, 2019

    Can their be any MCU (or DCEU...but on this thread we can stick to MCU) film now onward that will fall below 200 dom? I doubt it. Not this, not AM2...unless they end up really really humbug which is not worth expecting from a well-oiled machine like MCU.
  7. Captain Marvel | March 3, 2019

    I agree. Even if CM does 200-250 dom I can see it do 400-450 OS and challenge WONDR OS. As another example Thor 2 did 206 dom and 438 OS, so MCU has a big hold OS no doubt.
  8. doesn't mean as much when Emoji is on track for 80+. Can't imagine how crap like Boss Baby managed to do 3.5x for nearly 175 dom.
  9. Even with WONDR we had cautiously moved to 250+ in last week pre-release before it surprised everyone. With BP the over-optimism bothers me. Gonna be a case of a movie doing great but feeling like it disappointed cause already we are talking 300+. How about 240 dom, making it the biggest MCU original behind IM1, beating DS, as a cautious but positive expectation for BP.
  10. you are comparing a movie mid-way it's run to one that's finished it's run? sure it's gonna be well below Dawn, but 475+ WW seems safe: 150 dom 90 china 30 SK+Japan 205 Rest of OS (Currently 176 after adding 25 last Mon-Sun.) 150 + 90 + 30 + 205 = 475 I dare say all 3 categories - China, SK+Japan and Rest of OS - are conservative at 90, 30 and 205. I don't see this missing 475 WW while 500 is 50/50.
  11. No there were not. They were literally planning on making them around those magical beasts but maybe they are changing mid-way and that's fine and normal. It's just movies in the end, no big deal. Just should have planned for it better. After the Cursed Child non-sense JKR has dropped a couple of notches for me. Sure, it's the free-market, make a ton for yourself I don't care, but don't use your name to fool others and get them to buy bullshit products.

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