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  1. Really enjoyed this. Sure, it is pretty by the numbers, plot-wise, but the performances were strong all around and there were some sweet and funny moments. Yes, I went b/c of CE. Sue me. Totally worth it, btw. Damn, son.
  2. I got an email from AMC for a free ticket to this with my Stubbs membership. Even for free, I have zero interest in this.
  3. Great teaser. We know each other from work. LOL. Thor and Hulk as work friends is hilarious. Hela looks great.
  4. That's such a great, terrifying scene in the book. Richie keeps expecting it to stop, but the thing keeps coming after them, breaking the sort of cardinal rule that these things don't happen out in the open. I think that's one of the reasons it stuck with me over the years, because it chases them down the street in broad daylight, and I remember reading it and thinking, "wait, that's not supposed to happen," since it almost never does in other stories. I'm wondering if/how they incorporate some of the cosmic elements and the whole good vs. evil thing, or if It is just going to be a monster (which would be fine with me, if done well, I don't particularly care if they do the whole Turtle thing full-on or just hint at it). One of the scenes I remember best from the books, and it is a little thing, but when Bill is fixing up Silver, he drops the cards and two aces of spades are the only two that flip up, which should be impossible, but one is blue and one is red (I think it was...) though from the same deck, like a printing mistake, though, of course, it isn't. There is a constant sense that something is fighting to stop It and working through the kids, but giving them these little boons along the way. Will be interesting to see what of that makes its way into the movie.
  5. I'm re-reading the book, too. Seems like the thing to do! I really love how King writes children. They feel so very real, which I think is difficult for a lot of authors to capture. Too often, kids get dumbed down or turned ridiculously mature for story purposes, but King seems to capture them well. I love how Derry itself is as much a character as the actual characters. I hope they capture that in the movie. I'm curious how the
  6. Everyone I know is talking about this. I've seen it on multiple Facebook feeds. Not from people who I would at all consider horror fans, either. I was surprised. I think a lot of people remember being scared by the TV movie as children, but with that kind of fondness for the original even if it is outdated looking back. I'm really surprised. Thought this was much more niche. Never considered Pennywise such a part of the culture that this would be as popular as it seems to be.
  7. Well, yes, obviously the prequels being, what? 18 years ago? One would sincerely hope this looks better. I actually didn't mean the effects, so much as the colors, the brightness, the way everything looks clean and some of the images themselves. There's the underwater stuff, even the big fish things like in TPM. There are the tall, white aliens with the funny heads, robots that look at least similar enough to those little annoying fix-it bots for me to notice. Even the alien creature that attacks them looks similar to the one in AotC. I'm not saying it is derivative. I get that this came first. I'm just saying, that was my first thought watching the trailer. Reminded me of the prequels. *shrug* Maybe I'm the only one, but that is not a good mental comparison for me. I have nothing against the movie. Hope it gets great reviews and does well. Nice to see something not a sequel. Like I said, I enjoyed Besson's other movies, but this one didn't really grab me. I'll wait for reviews and see how things go.
  8. I know the source material inspired Star Wars to some degree, but this had a very similar look to the prequels to me. That was not a compliment. I liked 5th Element and Lucy, but, eh. This just doesn't look good at all, at least based on that. Maybe reviews will be great.
  9. I loved the trailer. Not a huge Spidey fan in general, but definitely like this take on him way better than the previous one. OMG at that school fitness video. LOL. That's awesome.
  10. We saw it again Saturday, and I think I enjoyed it more the second time. Less of me going "oh, that's the same" and "oh, that's different" and making the mental comparison. I could just sit back and enjoy it.
  11. I'll never give a Snyder movie any more of my money, but I have to say that I love what little we got to see of Momoa's Aquaman. Just the right amount of ridiculous cheesiness and baddassery. Chew that (wet) scenery, Khal Drogo! I do hope they go forward with the Aquaman movie. That's one that I'd actually be interested in.
  12. Saw it last night with my daughter and mom. Packed theater. We all really enjoyed it, so there is your demographic span, lol. For all the complaints about it being a scene for scene remake, I found that I liked the familiar scenes and songs the best. Thought Emma did a great job and loved Gaston and Le Fou. The CGI on Beast was occasionally really good and occasionally really not good. The subplot with Belle's mom wasn't really needed, but I guess it gave them something in common to bond over. *shrug* The only thing that left me a bit thrown was that they show Belle being an inventor, which is cool, and then that skill never comes up again. I expected it to be relevant to the story and it wasn't. At any rate, we all liked the movie. I gave it a B, which probably would've been a B+ if that was an option. My daughter has already said she wants to go again this weekend.
  13. I'd love to see the Dark Phoenix saga done right, but I'm not sure that is the way to go at the moment. I actually didn't totally hate Apocalypse (I know, tepid praise, but...) and the parts I liked best involved the young X-Men (and, well, should've left with him, Jean, lol). There does seem to be some fatigue from the whole destruction porn, CGI-fest superhero movies, at the very least though.
  14. WW is one of my all-time favorites. I used to love the Linda Carter show as a kid. I admit to being curious about this, but just can't get into the DCEU at all. It has been so disappointing for me. Knowing she is a part of it and where it is headed, I just can't care. Trailer looked fine. Generic and been-there/done-that, but fine. Gadot is fine. I'd have preferred someone else, but she isn't terrible like Cavill. It is more that they have already ruined where she is going (for me, again, personal opinion), so I can't really muster much interest in where she came from.