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  1. Saw it last night with my daughter and mom. Packed theater. We all really enjoyed it, so there is your demographic span, lol. For all the complaints about it being a scene for scene remake, I found that I liked the familiar scenes and songs the best. Thought Emma did a great job and loved Gaston and Le Fou. The CGI on Beast was occasionally really good and occasionally really not good. The subplot with Belle's mom wasn't really needed, but I guess it gave them something in common to bond over. *shrug* The only thing that left me a bit thrown was that they show Belle being an inventor, which is cool, and then that skill never comes up again. I expected it to be relevant to the story and it wasn't. At any rate, we all liked the movie. I gave it a B, which probably would've been a B+ if that was an option. My daughter has already said she wants to go again this weekend.
  2. WW is one of my all-time favorites. I used to love the Linda Carter show as a kid. I admit to being curious about this, but just can't get into the DCEU at all. It has been so disappointing for me. Knowing she is a part of it and where it is headed, I just can't care. Trailer looked fine. Generic and been-there/done-that, but fine. Gadot is fine. I'd have preferred someone else, but she isn't terrible like Cavill. It is more that they have already ruined where she is going (for me, again, personal opinion), so I can't really muster much interest in where she came from.
  3. Boob armor needs to die, but otherwise, looks really neat. Looking forward to it.
  4. Well, that looks...very comic book-y. Sounds like a fun movie. Great cast. Bring it on!
  5. The trailer in front of Logan last night got laughs, but not the good kind. The uncomfortable, secondhand embarrassment kind. This honestly looks like it could be junkfood kind of fun, kind of like Jurassic World, but it lacks the nostalgia factor for most people.
  6. Saw it last night. Really good movie. Thought Jackman and Stewart were excellent. Surprised at the number of people who brought their kids to see it though. Ah, parenting.
  7. Can't wait for this! Trailer was great. Kurt Russell! If they don't go for the obvious Star Wars joke, I'm going to write Marvel a strongly worded letter.
  8. Honestly, that looks terrible and the CGI was awful, but I'll 100% go see it.
  9. Disney seems pretty confident with it, so that's always encouraging. I know my 11 year old daughter and her friends are all incredibly excited for this. I think it is going to be huge.
  10. Honestly, Lord and Miller seem to be the duo to take an idea that sounds terrible and make a very watchable movie. I'm cautiously optimistic.
  11. I haven't seen the whole thing, just the 8 or so minutes they previewed at Disneyland, but it is definitely not literally "shot by shot." Even in that one sequence, there were new scene and even scenes that were taken from the animated film were given a slightly different spin. That being said, it did feel very strongly reminiscent of the original. The differences were relatively minor in the Provincial Life sequence I saw. It did not feel the same way that The Jungle Book felt, where it was obviously drawn from the original, but felt very different to me. Same for Cinderella. There were homages and callbacks and a general spirit of the original that the remake captured, but I thought it was very different. Not the same for BatB, at least from that short preview. It was the Provincial Life sequence pretty much as you see it in the original. I think that is where some of the pushback is coming from, maybe? It feels less "inspired by" and more "but now with real people and computer animation!" However, that was just one song, so not much to go on. As others said, it is 45 minutes longer, and those 45 minutes could change things dramatically. They are obviously playing on nostalgia in the marketing and that makes sense. I'm honestly completely fine with a basic remake, since I loved the original, but if they do add more depth, then great. For example, wrt Gaston:
  12. If the Jedi were taken to the Temple as babies (which is such an interesting parallel to the whole First Order thing, but I digress), then it could be that someone like Obi-Wan had a sibling who was raised with the Kenobi family (or Jinn or whatever), and Rey is maybe that sibling's child? Or something. I don't know. I'm not a fan of the deadbeat parent explanation and I hate the Force-Daddy mumbo-jumbo from the prequels, but how she ended up on Jakku is clearly important to her narrative. I don't think Lucasfilm missed that people would care about who her parents are and how she got abandoned.
  13. From what I saw of it, I felt it was resoundingly okay. Fine? It was the scene in the beginning with Provincial Life, so mostly about singing. Hard to really say acting-wise.
  14. Saw the sneak peek at Disneyland with about 7 minutes of footage. Emma did a good job with the singing, I thought, but Luke Evans is going to rule as Gaston. He could not have been more perfect.
  15. I ended up loving R1 more than I really thought I would. It got better on repeat viewings, I thought. That last 30 minutes or so...I could watch that over and over. It just really resonated with me and added a bit of gravitas to ANH that wasn't there for me before. I'm glad it did so well. Bodes well for other SW films outside of the main ones.