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  1. Come on Beauty and the Beast, take more money, MORE MORE MORE!!!!!!
  2. Surprised that whether or not her green fish tail will be included in the remake has been brought up yet.
  3. They're likely going to CGI the hair red during the underwater sequences anyway. . . so it'll be perfectly fine. I really do think the mermaids will end up being fully CGI/motion capture or VERY CGI-enhanced.
  4. Not so much a personal trait, it is more of a key visual trait. Her red hair is ALL OVER HER MARKETING AND MERCHANDISE Making Ariel a blonde (which to be fair, was her original hair color before Splash came around) or brunette in the remake would be like remaking Jaws with a tiger shark or bull shark. Look at this It's wrong, all wrong!!!!!
  5. Yes, that would be perfect! For Sebastian, get James Monroe Iglehart, who played Genie in the Broadway Aladdin. Hell, he's already sung Under the Sea
  6. Nah, they're going to give it to Emma Stone I kid, I kid. . . eeeeh, kinda
  7. I can see The Little Mermaid being one of the more expensive of the remakes, what with 60% of the film taking place . . . under the sea. Also brings to question . . .will Ariel be fully CGI/motion capture in mermaid form, or a cross between live actress and CGI
  8. Jon's Jungle Book had touchings of musical moments in them. And since Lion King is fully CGI, they can go all out and that's what the storyboard artists and animators are for.
  9. I'm willing to guarantee you right now Disney is talking to both Guy Ritchie (Aladdin) and Jon Favreau (Lion King) and mandating that all the songs be included.
  10. The Lion King will probably be one of the few "live-action" (well photoreal-CGI) movies out there that will be safe from the "if there are no humans, why would anyone want to see it" idea.
  11. One of the best things they could do is to use several of the musical numbers used in the Broadway production to make it different.
  12. This, this is going to be an absolute Beast. When I went to see it earlier today, I had to wait in a huge line for us to be let in. When I left, there was a huge line at each of the 5 auditoriums showing the film, some of them going outside the theater. And nearly every time was sold out Oddly enough, the one I went to had reserved seats for a little girl's birthday party and EVERYONE was bitching about that, because they took the best seats in the auditorium. And there were about 50-60 seats taken (in a 180-250 seat auditorium)