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  1. It would be a shame if they didn't use it. It is bonkers no doubt, but it's one of the reasons why I loved the book when I first read it. It's a more unique idea than blowing up the shark. Plus, it's Jason Statham, SO WHY NOT USE IT
  2. Likely not, it's likely going the PG-13 route. Probably the reason why Eli Roth (who was supposed to direct it) left.
  3. Coming from someone who enjoyed the books (at least the first two), this is going to have to do a lot to impress people other than marketing it as just another "It's a shark movie ONLY THE SHARK IS GIANT YOU GUYS" Because that's just about the hook of Meg
  4. While I enjoyed Tomorrowland, I can see why it failed so horribly. Only 10% of the film was actually set in the Tomorrowland world and most of that was the finale.
  5. So, it's basically going to do on par with Fast 5-6 domestically. Not bad. Glad it's opening huge worldwide, that means sequel production will happen faster.
  6. You need to get detention for six months for saying that. BOTH are likable, in different ways.
  7. Calling it right now, if there is ever a Luke Hobbs spin-off, some poor SOB is going to kidnap his daughter, and Hobbs and Shaw team up. And then when all seems lost at the end, Dom and the crew come and help save the day. It'll be glorious!!!!!!
  8. I can't wait for the day when we see Dom and his crew racing down the Great Wall of China.
  9. Ah well, it may not do the $117 million I was expecting, but $100 million ain't so bad, and Fast 9 and 10 are still in the looming horizon.
  10. Perhaps, but it likely won't be under 100 million either. I'm predicting $117 million
  11. Those cars racing across the Great Wall while this thing chases after them
  12. I can't wait for this to make $140-$150 million on opening weekend. It's going to be funny when it does.