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  1. My wife said it’s basically a show about dicks acting like dicks. She didn’t like it.
  2. I thought we were gonna get some good satire of superheroes and superhero movies with this last episode, instead I got comedy that could’ve been in anything and everything else.
  3. Watching this new Batman/Harley Quinn movie... For some reason I don’t understand Nightwing (Robin) and Harley Quinn have sex. Afterwards Batman walks into them having a literal tickle fight. Truly there was a tickle fight. I didnt know it could get any worse than the Batman/Batgirl hook up from last year but Bruce Timm truly managed to do it. I don’t know what rating this film has but from the animation I thought this had something to do with the 90s Batman Cartoon Network childrens show. I am appalled.
  4. The worst I’ve ever seen a movie be mis-sold is Sweeny Todd. Here’s the trailer: Without prior knowledge of the property would you have known this movie was a full blown 100% musical like Les Mis? It took me years to rewatch and forgive the movie.
  5. I just need to type. I Wanted to see Hitman’s Bodyguard but my brother came round stoned so I finally gave in and chose to watch my second Netflix Original Movie ever “What Happened To Monday”. Instead of a movie about 7 well trained sisters fighting the system (like the ads suggest) I got a depressing and incredibly gruesome horror movie about a loving family trying to survive. I had to turn the thing off an hour into it because the shit just brought me down. It was horrible. If I had paid a ticket I would’ve walked out. I think Netflix just made the film I hated most this summer and it’s all because they mis-sold it.
  6. The plot kicks in during episode 5 and 6. I think it’s episode 5: the whole team officially meets. Episode: the team officially fight together. Also Jessica Jones season 2 cant come quickly enough. All her moments are just a delight.
  7. The Defenders... I liked it, but it has problems. The shows schtick is that the team don’t trust each other but it becomes way too much and wasted too much time. They could’ve made the thing a solid and less infuriating 6 episodes instead of 8. I have no idea why nobody believes Danny when they live in a world where: (1)Two Norse gods and an alien army had a war that destroyed New York (2)Dead people coming back to life (3)A giant man destroyed an airport. They could’ve made that whole part of show much shorter. We all know these guys have to end up working together, they can disagree on how to do things and that’s fine, but the way it handles the issue of trust gets in the way of the show. Iron Fists scenes should’ve been more comedic. The actor and the dialogue seemed to be going for comedy but the shows more serious tone made him come across as slightly deranged (to play up the whole ‘trust’ thing. Iron Fist has always been a funny character, he’s the youngest of the team and for the most part his story are planted in the centre of the show. It would’ve been a good showcase for him. An Iron Fist related character suggests something downright insane towards the end of the show and it was incredibly jarring given how ‘grounded’ the show tried to present itself, I think by having Danny’s scenes be more comedic I wouldn’t have been as thrown off as I was. The way this scene resolved itself was funny too but the show kept pushing this grittiness and made it a learning moment instead when it could’ve been both. Apart from that I thought the show was pretty enjoyable for the most part, interesting enough, with some good action for TV. I’m not mad at all, it just could’ve been so much better. It’s the fun summer blockbuster of today’s “prestige TV” and I’m not really shocked it would have a Marvel logo in front of it.
  8. I don’t care enough to explain these grosses and their significance to the performance of comic book movies today. I just like seeing DC fans get defensive. I’m on my week off and I’m bored as hell.
  9. Just upgraded to the Galaxy S8 from the iPhone 7. I made the mistake of leaving Samsung for a couple of months and I regretted it. iPad is still king tablet unless anyone has any better alternatives, most Android tablets just feel like an oversized phone to me (which is an odd complaint but a lot of the apps just don’t seem optimised for a tablet and come across like stretched out phone apps).

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