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  1. In the hours the site has gone offline the Juice got loose and lead singer on Linkin Park killed himself. Strange fucking day indeed.
  2. Dunkirk | NOLANNNNN!!!!

    Me too. We sold the ones that are constantly on streaming apps, and I only buy the movies that are part of a large ongoing five film plus collection (so just Marvel and Star Wars at this point , I still don't own Doc Strange and Rogue One).
  3. You'd watch a DVD in the HD era?!
  4. Dunkirk | NOLANNNNN!!!!

    Who would do this? Why?
  5. There was an arc? He's slightly more angry than usual and then chooses to be less angry because Superman has a mother and 'gave up his life' to defeat an unfinished CG monster? Lego Batman literally asked and answered the questions "why are you doing this?", and "why are doing this alone?", and it did so competently, BVS was just a series of never fully explained events.
  6. Straight from the horses mouth. Lol Snyder truly said this Lego Batman was a brilliant deconstruction (excuse the pun) of the Batman character, same goes for Logan and Spiderman Homecoming. What is this guy on?
  7. In the Sony leaks Amy Pascal had to console Clooney over those reviews. She did the same thing for Marc Webb after TASM 2, and never emailed him again after the first 2 weeks of release.
  8. This happened in the trailer for Men in Black 3 it it was meant to be this
  9. Smeone told me once that in the cinema films aren't actually on the hard drive the distributors send, they are downloaded from the studio to a hard drive sent to the cinema specifically to store the movie in question. It's actually quite possible that a movie can get changed very quickly.
  10. Basically in the "trending topics" section "#Valerian (sponsored content)" would appear as the top trending item.
  11. @Chewy That Iron Fist show was the first Marvel/Netflix show I refused to finish and their goddawful fight scenes are part of the reason. Who's letting this man talk?
  12. Me too. Trailer actually managed to put a smile on my face.

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