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  1. Dude just leaked the whole fucking show GODDAMN!
  2. Some guy is going around the internet and blackmailing Netflix with leaked copies of Orange is the new black. Surely that would be Lionsgate's problem? I think he's extorting the wrong people.
  3. Brad called it an "unholy fucking disaster"
  4. The Avengers VS X-Men VS The Defenders VS The Fantastic 4 VS The Justice League VS The Teens from Riverdale: Comic Battle Royale.
  5. I'm sad, so sometimes I enjoy poking my head in over at the DCEU Subreddit, this currently one of their top posts: The paranoia in that thread is amazing. It's not that deep, guys.
  6. So GOTG V2 Is sitting at 92% adding another Fresh to the MCU.... just gonna leave this here
  7. Hold the phone. You mean Watchers like this guy? arent the rights to this character held by Fox?
  8. They still making these X-men films. Focus on Deadpool and X-Force and be done with the damn thing.
  9. Holy Shit. Does Miley Cyrus still have fans? What is this? Do Miley's fans know that she isn't relevant anymore? Are they aware?
  10. Universal Revs ‘Fate Of The Furious’ Spinoff For Dwayne Johnson, Jason Statham Vin Who?
  11. Me too. The scene in the first 5 minutes where that man and the entire Wayne Industry staff were stood in the middle of that skyscraper watching the apocalypse in full through from out the window as if they were waiting for permission to leave the goddamn building, was a scene that was so full of stupidity it caused me to have an outer body experience. Like... how is this in this movie? 1000s of people needed to have seen this movie before it premiered and nobody said "oi mate, this shit is ridiculous. It can't be in this movie"? I had never seen anything like it. Such a glaring, in your face moment of brilliant stupidity on film.
  12. His 30 for 30 is gonna be amazing.
  13. Shit... it looks pretty decent Cut Cloaks hair though.
  14. Anybody know any good Stage Musicals available to watch at home? I fucking loved watching the Miss Saigon blu-ray the other day and kinda wanna see more.
  15. Julia Roberts is like an irrelevant Anne Hathaway.
  16. The best bit is when the Autobots just hid out for a couple of weeks and allowed thousands to die, just to show how necessary they were.
  17. Bill O'Reilly supported the deportation of Optimus Prime when Earth needed him most.
  18. O'Reilly is Anti Iron-Man. Never Forget