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  1. Chrono Trigger - May 12 [based on video game Chrono Trigger] Jim's Adversity - March 10 [story of baseball player Jim Eisenrich and his struggles with Tourette's]
  2. CAYOM 3.0 - Studios

    Energized Entertainment Subdivisions Puzzling Pictures - "Thought pieces" and more confusing films where plot doesn't flow as coherently as it usually does. Inspiring Tales - Inspiring/uplifting movies, usually sports-related. Enjoyable Diversions - Comedy movies, frat-pack style. Child's Play - Animated movies
  3. I will be creating a Chrono Trigger film, based on the main plot of the game. A few references to alternate endings but it will focus on the standard plot. Zooey Dechanel will play Lucca the inventor. Jennifer Lawerence as Marle.
  4. I would like to claim the Chrono Trigger/Cross franchise.
  5. My "World of Warcraft" movie series were made back from 2007-10 and were entirely "World of Warcraft" rather than the original stories. Back when "Warcraft" was a delayed concept like the "Halo" movie that never materialized.
  6. I'd prefer if we didn't use franchises at all and tried to be more creative. But I'd also like to relinquish any hold on Warcraft I ever had if we are doing franchises. I'm sure someone else could give a much more thorough treatment because I never played Warcraft III or read a lot of extra lore.
  7. Spin-Off/Restart Separately?

    I'd just like to blacklist some names for reasons: 1. Charlize Theron That is all.
  8. Spin-Off/Restart Separately?

    I would like to use real years and maybe not as many real actors/actresses. We should have fictitious people representing actors so the reviews are based on the writing and not the actors.
  9. I am happy to play again. I have no interest in running totals/actuals. Just here to make movie ideas and review others.
  10. Spin-Off/Restart Separately?

    I'm just "sperging out" on yet another forum. I put WAY too much of myself out there since 2006. So I look forward to a chance to actually make movies not based on my own family with Ben Foster as me and Jodie Foster as my mom. Time to break free of the shackles of my internet bullshit life.
  11. Spin-Off/Restart Separately?

    @Spaghetti of 1000 Planets Sorry, that's not how I roll these days. I'm done letting losers waste my time and steal my ideas. I'm old school BOM from 2006.
  12. Blah blah.


    I'm done being held back. I'm going to be famous.

    [for good things involving Kristen Bell, not crazy crap]


  13. Spin-Off/Restart Separately?

    I'm going to make weird-ass stories based on my internet girlfriend from YouThink.com [played by Mila Kunis, Summer Story] and insert Kristen Bell instead of Blake Lively. Yeah. FWIW, I don't think this will take off.
  14. Spin-Off/Restart Separately?

    Also if any of you are fat ugly emo losers trying to steal my creative thunder, get off my site and go listen to your Panic! At the disco and never return. Thanks.
  15. Spin-Off/Restart Separately?

    Take that post to mean whatever you want it to mean, but in "Box Office Mojo" CAYOM... Electric used Danielle Panabaker/Kat Dennings WAY too often and... there's a 99.99% they know about it given that it took place in 2006-11...

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