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  1. Seems like CAYOM is dead so I'm just going to talk about myself. Imma have sex with Danielle Panabaker. Been using her in CAYOM for 11 years now. 8)
  2. F*ck me Charlize Theron. That is all. for now.
  3. I am gonna be a star.

    ALl the ladies wants me


  4. "Tustin, We Have a Problem" This is sort of a sequel but only Impact would remember the original since it was his favorite of my CAYOM movies. It's based off "Penny Press" which was about a boy born in the 20s that starts writing novels in the 30s to help his family through the Great Depression. It will start as Penny Press. The young boy becomes a journalist and reports during World War II but since he was born in 1925 he doesn't get drafted. He is a Republican that supports Eisenhower and ends up working for the Nixon Campaign in 1960. He convinces Richard Nixon to wear makeup on TV and thus Nixon wins the 1960 election. Since Nixon is from California, Tustin, CA is the city that gets the contract for the moon landing. In 1968, Robert Kennedy is elected after 8 years of Nixon. The movie ends in 1975 with the moon landing taking place 6 years later than in our world.
  5. What's up girl :P


  6. I'm back! Here's my author page, I have about 10 novels for sale and I often make them free. Some of them have been CAYOM products in the past.
  7. Energized Entertainment Return: Year 11! Cartoon WoW movie "Iron Docks" based on the best instance of WoD, Iron Docks! A PG-rated Dreamworks-ish movie with WoW characters. Photographic Visions - my oscar contender, based on a novel I'm writing. And maybe a couple more.
  8. I will be holding out for a bit, starting a new job Monday so no time for movie-make.
  9. I'm back! It's been a long time... more than a year. So I am re-introducing myself... I've been a part of CAYOM since 2006, Year 9, though I would post films after the deadline starting in Year 6. I'm 30, a self-published author, and a serial status updater. I have a few ideas and I hope to join in Year 11: Part 1. Year 10 I'll be staying out.
  10. Electric (Energized Entertainment) will be returning for Year 11! Yeah! Oh Yeah! Expect greatness. Millz mills.
  11. If I were to foolhardily/bravely jump back into this venture, when will the next part of Year 10 be there for new films?
  12. I am going to be famous and make music with Taylor Swift.

  13. I think Amazing SpiderMan 2 will finish under Captain America total DOM. Unlike my Divergent Muppets thing this has a chance.
  14. I've worked at AMC Theatres for about three years now and I've noticed that the longer movies can only get 4 (or maybe 5) showing a day on a screen. A shorter movie (Gravity, Mr. Peabody) could fit 6 or even 7 depending on when the first/last shows are. Do you think that this helps movies, the chance to have more showtimes? And would people generally prefer shorter films? At the same time one could argue you're getting more entertainment hours for the same price with a long movie. Of course it is mostly about the movie itself and if it's popular they will find a way to play it as much as they can.