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  1. Shazam will follow Aquaman as the next DC adventure.Rock is out but he is still expected to star in his own movie. http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/heat-vision/shazam-is-next-dc-movie-shoot-
  2. The Mendelson strikes again
  3. In a slightly off topic discussion.. I like they are using Steppenwolf as the villain.I have seen many complaining that he is not a big name for the first JL movie but i like how they are building to a bigger story.That way ,let's say the 3rd JL film,will be more impactful than it would be if it was a different story.
  4. Asgard blesses us early. SMH 7.4, Apes 7.1, WW 1.2M Tues

    SW8 will 100% be the #1 film of the year domestically.
  5. One thing i hope they keep from BvS... JL must have scenes like "The Superman question" and "Tuesday (aka Superman vs Doomsday"
  6. Spider-Man is being hurt for being another reboot in such a short notice.Thia is the first ever JL film with superheroes the general have not seen yet on the big screen.
  7. Asgard blesses us early. SMH 7.4, Apes 7.1, WW 1.2M Tues

    Personally,i'm kinda dissapointed in SMH.I really thought this could break out and do 350M.Hell i had it at 370M leading to its release.A good bump is nothing to get excited over when the previous day was very weak. I am even more dissapointed in amercan audiences though.How can they reject Apes like that?
  8. well,imo,a well received would have easily clear 400M-450M.A WW-like critical acclaim could even get it above 500M.The hype for BvS was unlike anything before it,save TFA.
  9. Heard stole the show in that film with a cross-dresser Redmayne . And she has been very good through out her career.I think she will make for a great Mera.
  10. The goggles look more like the infinite symbol...it probably means that WW will never stop making money...
  11. I want to say something very controversial about a certain movie/franchise but i will probably trigger another flame war so i won't...

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