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  1. Oh jesus once more a Spider-Man: Homecoming box office thread has devolved into covert Marvel vs DC again lmao.
  2. War's much less of a Rise or Dawn type of movie tbh. Way slower and more depressing/character-driven. Plus it has big competition in Homecoming. I feel like Homecoming and Apes are kind of eating into each other's grosses.
  3. Just to put Spider-Man into perspective, it's already outgrossed The Amazing Spider-Man 2 domestically in it's 2nd weekend.
  4. The Amazing Spider-Man films all did way below what Spider-Man: Homecoming will do. Good will doesn't just spontaneously come back, it takes time.
  5. Wow guys Spider-Man: Homecoming drops the way most MCU movies drop and it's apparently now flopping. Never change BOT, never change lmao.
  6. I hope Homecoming manages to get past 125 just because it'd be nice for it to be above Spider-Man 2's OW adjusted.
  7. Baby Driver (2017)

    Seeing this just reminded me of these two-
  8. That's the silliest thing to combat it with.

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