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  1. $165m budget with a $677m gross. The $38m in participation points though according to previous Deadline year end breakdowns was higher than other MCU solo films (probably all those not named Iron Man 2 and 3) but wasn't too onerous.
  2. 15. Hidden Figures Net Profit: $95.55m Cash Return: 1.64 14. The Conjuring Net Profit: $98.3m Cash Return: 1.54 13. Batman v Superman Net Profit: $105.7m Cash Return: 1.18 *Participation points: $55m 12. Moana Net Profit: $121m * Cash Return: 1.32 *Does not include continuation of Japan run 11. Dr. Strange Net Profit: $122m Cash Return: 1.3
  3. Deadlline's full articles and PDF charts at their respective links 20. Centrall Intelligence Agency Net Profit: $52m Cash Return: 1.28 19. Don't Breathe Net Profit: $50.10m Cash Return: 1.52 18. La La Land Net Profit: $68.25m Cash Return: 1.47 17. The Angry Birds Net Profit: $72m Cash Return: 1.32 16. Kung Fu Panda Net Profit: $76.65m Cash Return: 1.23
  4. It's that time of the year again when Deadline's experts give us the countdown of the 20 most profitable films of the year, according to their calculations. Yes we know some of their numbers can be off, based on incomplete or unsubstantiated information and with faulty estimations (particularly future home video) but as a year end round up it's the best we've got and gives some insight into participation deals, distribution costs and Home Video and TV revenue. They used to try and estimate profits from merchandise tie ins but they don't bother with that any more. I'll start off posting 20 to 11 because that's where Deadline is right now. 10 -1 added as the come in.
  5. Not counting it's continued run in Japan.
  6. It won't make next year. No new director and they went to square one with the script after the last director left.
  7. So just $2.3m not from China. That went down quickly.
  8. I thought the first one was very good.
  9. It's um very blue - dark blue, cause the sun rarely shines in the DCEU.
  10. Rolling Spring Break. It's Friday increase is in line with other March releases - Cinderella and Zootopia.
  11. I think that it was significantly marketed to the adult sci-fi audience because of it's cast and they'd be less forgiving than the usual horror audience. Also if people don't like the ending it usually kills the grade even if they liked the rest.
  12. Even the top 10 from the varying decades doesn't back that assertion. There are a couple of adults hits scattered but most of it is big "dumb" action and big "dumb" comedies. Top Gun, Twister, Independence Day, Crocodile Dundee , Karate Kid Part II, The Nutty Professor weren't exactly over taxing brain cells and quite a few weren't even good movies. Bigger movies populating the top 10 will of course push out the $100-200m movies where most adult break out movies now land. Ferris Bueller made the top 10 with what adjusts to about $160m - around what Hidden Figures (well $180), La La Land & Get Out will do - and those all came out in a 3 month period. It's not the top 10 that's changed so much as the mid budget film and a lot of that has to do with exorbitant marketing expenses , the spiraling of the DVD market, and larger options for the adult audience with TV, Netflix & Amazon.
  13. It would need well over a 4 multiplier. Even Zootopia didn't have a multiplier that high in late March - it was 3.87 (the second to last w/e before Eater) W/e should be around $85m
  14. 20 seconds of dirt on his coffin and a thumbnail (not in the teaser ) of mean red eyed Superman All that Superman love by Snyder just warms my heart.