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  1. I love it 😍 and you can't blame Universal. It's easy money.
  2. I'm feeling nostalgic for the first one.
  3. I'm actually looking forward to this one. Wish Knightley and Bloom were back full time but hope they get a good send off.
  4. They reshot the ending because screeners didn't like the book ending. I was worried they would try to make it a Hollywood happy ending but looks like they compromised. It'll be a mistake to treat this as anything but an indie. Ponsoldt's work isn't for everyone but I like his direction.
  5. You don't have to see a movie to vote on it on RT or IMDB. How can they stop people upvoting or down voting a movie? No proof you've seen the movie is required. It might even out in the long run though idk.
  6. Europacorp bought the Circle for 10m but now has STX on board so I doubt they have as much invested. Very little promotion cost so they can make their money back on opening weekend if it does well enough.
  7. Yeah I looked it up. Unless it changes it'll be an hour from me.
  8. I hope. It's not playing anywhere close to me. I don't think even The Circle will be near me
  9. The numbers for it are ok but not great. Can't see it getting better with expansion.
  10. Divas! All of them 😅
  11. Weekends had good normal holds for BatB. I'm not sure why it's drops are now considered way lower?
  12. It made 1 billion globally! https://twitter.com/beourguest/status/852521768027697152