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  1. That depends on the % of control he has. I'm sure stockholders aren't happy.
  2. What's clear is that the company is being poorly run. STX will try to minimize damage by putting blame elsewhere.
  3. Hard to say how the BO will do. It's too early to determine how it's going to be marketed. Early reviews are mixed so that hurts any award hype it could realistically get (unless this year is very weak in the best movie category). Boyega has Star Wars but I'm not sure if American audience will put up with more British actors in American roles. Is his character British or American? The controversy didn't hurt Get Out but this movie may not be as good.
  4. I watched most of the trailers that got released and Stranger Things 2 wins best trailer. Thor is runner up.
  5. Actually Besson neglected to mention that Lambert was deeply involved in getting financing for the movie before he died. Besson can claim Europacorp won't take a hit for this all he wants but time will tell if he is just bs'ing.
  6. I don't know anyone who even knows what a Valerian is here in the US. This movie isn't even on the radar.
  7. That's about where it's at now. Honestly I use the audience score more than actual critics. I tend to agree more with the audience. If people just remember critics get paid to write their opinions and that it's not fact. Sometimes I feel people take RT and critic reviews as fact. They didn't like it so it must be bad instead of thinking for themselves.

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