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  1. It updated an hour ago with Friday numbers. They had B&B at $23m Friday.
  2. Variety is reporting approx $85m for B&B and $40m for PW.
  3. The vehicles in that poster almost have a mad max feel to them.
  4. I love horror/sci-fi and don't give it low numbers. I'm not sure thats true. Fans of the genre went to the film so that score will definitely not help it financially.
  5. I don't think Life will be at a theater close to me anytime soon with those numbers. Is the cinemascore really that low?
  6. Deadline mentioned dads taking their kid to see it so half a family saw PR. 😉 If Lionsgate on spent 25m of the 100m production cost do they get all the gross or the same portion of what they spent.
  7. No need to go trolling. She worked hard and got good notices for her acting.
  8. That's put B&B at the #4 on the 2nd weekend top grosser chart. Good numbers so far for PW (although it did below Divergent 1&2 openings) .
  9. The Hollywood Reporter was predicting 13.5m for PR and $80+m for B&B. Have to say the way Rth posts the info is creative. I'll won't figure it out but it's fun.
  10. I ask members to not give you a hard time and then you go a type that.
  11. $85m on top of its $227m 7 day cumulative would put it up there with Dark Knight and Avengers Age of Ultron in the top opening grosses. Unreal.
  12. 22 would be on par for B&B for a Friday. Saturday obviously would be the biggest jump % wise. It's hard to tell but it still could land in the 90s.
  13. I didn't think he wasn't talking about B&B myself. It was all PR related but I could be wrong.
  14. Fur oil sold out in a day when she talked about it 😏
  15. Be nice to Gokira2012, he's just excited for his favorite movie.