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  1. Going to see Hell's Angels tonight at the Smithsonian.
  2. What a great night for DC sports. Not gonna last, but I'll enjoy it while I can.
  3. DC sports is torture, don't know why I'm so invested. Don't want to get too excited about the Wiz, but a real good shot at getting to the ECF.
  4. Plus I think that it has been proven with Get Out that the GA will embrace a movie that wears it's social message on its chest especially if it's packaged in a great genre film. This could be a white-knuckle, tension-filled, thrill ride.
  5. Out, though it definitely could do it if it strikes the right cord.
  6. I'm just here for the holiday candy. All holidays that have sweets that come with it is good with me.
  7. Just got home from my vacation. Gonna be tough getting back into the swing of things, but it was a great trip.
  8. I mean, there's no way they don't go to China at some point in the next few movies, right?
  9. There's no way this gets below a 3x btw. That argument should be put to rest forever after RO.
  10. It was fun. Probably a little too serious. It kinda goes into the "it's ok" bucket with the rest expect for 5 for me.
  11. A lot of theaters will bump prices up just before tix go on sale. Happened with TFA.
  12. It's fine to dislike something popular just don't disparage others opinions of it. It's fine to have disagreements (it would be boring if we all agreed all the time) but we need to respect each other.