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  1. The Caps are next up to disappoint me sports-wise.
  2. GG Oregon. We just never made a run and they played great. Have to say this was a disappointing season.
  3. Yeesh, Oregon completely manhandled us in the first half. We need contributions from everyone not named Frank Mason and fast.
  4. This has about the same chance of flopping as I have with getting with Margot Robbie.
  5. "This dude was obviously rejected yesterday. Let's let him have this one."
  6. You're an Oregon fan, right? They have have been clutch all tournament, excited for the game. Similar style to KU as well.
  7. If he didn't have it before, he is easily the NPOY now.
  8. Jesus, I'm a fan of KU and that was a terrifyingly dominant performance. Our best game of the year.
  9. Tbf, he said everyone would be covered. Now, of course he didn't say how.