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  1. If I can give a differing opinion from Tele, I feel there have been plenty of great advantages going to a university in your home state. It costs less, you're closer to home, which makes travel easier and more chances to see family members, and even if you are in your home state, you can also attend a university near a great city or town with plenty of fun events and great career opportunities. I'm only a train ride away from Philadelphia, so I can go there any time for fun or for internships. And allow me to say upfront Ethan that college is infinitely better than high school. Better campus, cooler people, and you have the ability to choose your own schedule in how classes and lunch will be done.
  2. I love going by myself ('specially when I'm usually around people who love to add in their own commentary), the only problem is I barely have time to go to the movies, and I have to take an Uber to get to the nearest theater from my campus.
  3. Two actually (The Pink Ranger's half-Indian) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Boss Baby is definitely doing somewhere in the 30s, with a shot in the 40s. Weirdly enough, the Dreamworks movies that look like a chore to watch have overperformed compared to expectations lately, but I don't see it being as huge as something like Home or Trolls, with the Beast still being a monster. Shell always felt like a mid-20s opener. Speaking as someone with no understanding of the original movie or the manga, I don't have a clue what the movie's about, why the setting's all weird and future-y, and why Scarlett Johannson has that weird bodysuit. Add on to anime being a pretty niche market to begin with, and it just feels like it won't do any good next weekend.
  5. I'd assume the next one will drop around when Fate of the Furious comes out. If not, Guardians 2 at the latest.
  6. Just sent you mine! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. MT: 1. Beast: 69.3% 2. Rangers: 6.1% 3. Kong: 5.2% 4. Logan: 3.9% 5. Get Out: 3.8% Pulse: Same as what Alisson has. Pulse Watch: 22 for CHiPS, 68 for Life, 3 for Shell, 1 for Baby, 6 for Your Name (normally don't do limited releases, but Rallax's presales are making me give an exception), 4 for Smurfs, and 16 for Furious
  8. Looks dumb and silly, which is what I expected from a CU movie. Probably will be a fun time at the theaters.
  9. Basically, I look at Fandango Pulse for about 15 minutes and count how many tickets are sold in that time span. I only count the movies that haven't been released though.
  10. MT: 1. Beast: 64.6% 2. Kong: 8.3% 3. Logan: 7.1% 4. Get Out: 5.2% 5. Belko: 2.5% Pulse: 1. Beast 2. Beast 3D 3. Logan 4. Kong 5. Get Out Pulse Watch: 56 for Rangers, 13 for Life, 1 for CHiPS, 8 for Furious.
  11. What does impolite humor even mean?