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  1. If a line isn't working while filming, Dougherty could just say "try this instead" instead of writing it down. Honestly I think GKOTM could be one of the safer ones.
  2. Yeah... lots of good stuff.
  3. What if a film's director is also a writer for the film? I brought up Godzilla 2 earlier, and remembered Michael Dougherty is a writer and the films director. Couldn't he just touch up the script during filming since he's the"director "?
  4. Damn.... hopefully they can get this worked out. Not good for anyone...
  5. So... Godzilla 2 is supposed to shoot starting in June. Affected?
  6. I think this will get moved to 2019.
  7. How does China fix these huge drops? It's not just F8, but there's always plenty of films that drop huge its second week. "One week wonder" is exactly right... But I don't know how you eliviate it.
  8. 4 if the universal monsters universe does decent enough starting with Mummy.
  9. Someone is saying KSI isnt bringing in profit for L.P and WB?
  10. So Kong looks to be done. Lol