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  1. G14 is a interesting topic, because I think overall it was actually well received but I don't think people liked how the marketing tricked them, even then I don't think that affected it as much as people think. I believe G14 was a MCU/DCEU movie on drugs... A great opening but bad multiplier. Kong opened much lower, but had a much better multiplier. Which would you want more? Obviously the higher end total. This new Godzilla film will probably have a very similar Kong run. Thinking a 70m opening, with a 150-170 total. Going with s 450 overseas total for around 600-620 WW.
  2. Which is fine, but they need to put Cloverfield in the title for all future films. If not it shows that they only put that name in 10CL to trick people... Which lets be honest, worked.
  3. They have obviously cut the budget for this film down dramatically from the first. Wouldn't be surprised if this was made for less than Power Rangers.
  4. I hope this extra time helps them with connecting to the first two films more directly..
  5. Ouch! Terrible opening in a country known for Super Sentai. Like mentioned, Kamen Rider opens much better with like a 10m finish. PR won't even hit 5m.
  6. 30m/85m DOM + 105m CHINA + 100m OS = 290m WW TLK fell HARD and this will do the same as a spin-off. Hope they keep the budget around 100-120.
  7. It's just kind of funny how long it took Universal to get Jurassic Park running again... And now it's their main franchise along with Fast and Furious.
  8. Is Apes not tracking very well? A 60m OW seems small for a final film in a trilogy during the summer.
  9. Does anyone know how much BLAME! made at the bo? Just curious since it was released on Netflix literally days after the Japanese theatrical release. I'm not sure if it was available on Japan's Netflix that soon though. Toho is doing something similar with GODZILLA: MONSTER PLANET(both this and Blame! we're made by Polygon) this November, though I doubt as quick and assume GMP will make much more at the bo.
  10. Interesting. So Sony said "hey you can use the character, you can make the film, but we'll fund it and get the majority of the return". Not really sure if this helps Marvel?

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