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  1. Anyways I've gotten distracted. The Big Sick is a phenomenal movie Am I allowed to say that? I'm not sure Michael Showalter had me in mind when he made it. I'll have to call him up and verify that I'm allowed to have an opinion on it
  2. So I'm not allowed to praise the likes of Zootopia or Finding Dory and the craftsmanship that went into them because I'm not a kid. Only their say matters.
  3. No. That is literally stupid. We're all allowed to have our subjective opinions. You're telling me if kids don't like Rango, a pg rated animation mostly marketed towards children, then it is a bad movie. Even though I find it to be wildly entertaining and emotionally moving?
  4. You're right. There is nothing with a child or anyone else enjoying it. But there is also not a problem with those that want to call it out for being a bad movie and poor filmmaking
  5. It's box office run has been steadily impressive week in and week out. Yeah people have been caught up in the flashy numbers WW is putting up but I would hardly say people aren't acknowledging it.

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