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  1. I wish I had put BvS on my list so it would've finished ahead of Civil War
  2. If I had seen it probably would've been in my top 5
  3. Jackie is fucking great
  4. Because Thanos looks stupid and I just dong need that many hero's in one movie. Fuck that shit
  5. Yep. that is why this indeed sounds like it could be my shit. Quality teen drama is always a win
  6. oh wait Infinity War is coming next year? i'm already fully on the fuck that movie train. seriously
  7. Looking at it I'm looking forward to Black Panther and New Mutants because of the directors involved. The rest are varying degrees of meh we'll see at this point
  8. Hope Boone gets a lot of freedom with this a al Mangold with Logan. Really hope there's lots of angsty teen stuff here
  9. Well I mean that has god Ryan Coogler. so yeah that seems right
  10. Going to state for choir tomorrow (or technically today I guess) !!!!!
  11. @Jay Hollywood you run the cinemasesh Instagram?