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  1. I'm surprised you're not spending your 16th birthday at home with a Lucas Till marathon.
  2. Pretty sure this movie's one and only purpose to exist is the UK Queer as Folk reunion.
  3. I'm not surprised it's not really catching on in limited release after seeing it. It's a very strange movie, to say the least. Pretty sure I'm never looking at Anne Hathaway the same way ever again.
  4. Ethan Hunt is about to turn to the dark side. Who knows, maybe he has a kaiju that will appear and attack a certain part of the world if he shows up at a playground. More people here need to see Colossal. It's basically about how an Internet troll is born.
  5. A co-worker actually saw it (yes, one of the 10 people that saw it last weekend) and she said it was actually just boring. Maybe if I find randomly come across it on HBO at some point within the next two years.
  6. Ethan will probably kill me when I admit I've never seen a James Ponsoldt movie. Oops, too late.
  7. You're probably not missing much if you just skip it entirely. I've pretty much lost all interest in seeing it with the poor reviews.
  8. That was just an announcement trailer (plus Suicide Squad was also a WB film). The first actual trailer was first attached to Collateral Beauty last Christmas (as well as other older-skewing films like Hidden Figures, Fences, etc.).
  9. In all likelihood, this movie's audience is gonna be almost overwhelmingly old (much more so than the usual summer tentpole), so it's not like it really needs a big, splashy marketing campaign.