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  1. I'm not sure why they're continuing to hide Cavill when everyone and their mothers know that Superman's coming back from the dead in this movie.
  2. They're keeping this shrouded in mystery for as long as they can. Will be interesting to see if it all pays off or backfires big time, especially when the film apparently isn't going to the festivals in the two weeks before opening either.
  3. The budget's only $13M. Even if this proves to be another The Fountain from Aronofsky (which sounds likely), no one's gonna be seeing red ink.
  4. The marketing hasn't really connected with audiences, or given audiences much of a hook other than "watch Charlize kick ass" interspersed with random shots of her getting it on with Sofia Boutella. Salt and Lucy definitely had better marketing campaigns. Those who have seen it have said word-of-mouth likely won't be great when audiences find out they're not really getting a female John Wick either.
  5. The Classic Conversation Thread: The Sequel

    John Heard (best known as the dad from Home Alone) has passed away at 72. Sad news.
  6. Probably heh. There was that time where she was trying to be the next Julia Roberts with movies that were like Roberts vehicles (The Wedding Planner/My Best Friend's Wedding, Enough/Sleeping with the Enemy, Maid in Manhattan/Pretty Woman) yet none were as successful or did much of anything for her.
  7. She's actually a really good actress, you just have to go back and watch her earlier stuff (Selena, Out of Sight) to find her best work and wonder why she didn't have a more interesting film career.
  8. He's signed on to do some other video game movie alongside Jessica Chastain. Why respected actors continue appearing in these video game movies knowing that they never end well, I have no idea. Nice paychecks, I guess.
  9. I assume a "not" is missing in there somewhere. I'll do the honors for @CJohn: RIP this movie.
  10. Valerian's unknown leads are further down on the list of reasons as to why it tanked. It always looked too much of an oddball project to find mass appeal.
  11. And here I thought it was something coming out for the rest of the year. What a disappointment. I'm going to sleep now.
  12. The Classic Conversation Thread: The Sequel

    Man, you're taking Valerian's failure even harder than I thought. I'm becoming legit worried man. Like I feel like this is unfolding at the That One Guy household. Mama That One Guy: "Honey, it's time you go to bed. Would you please to put the laptop away?" That One Guy: "NOT NOW MOM I'M GOING THROUGH A REALLY HARD TIME RIGHT NOW DEALING WITH REALLY IMPORTANT STUFF!!! Just close the door and leave me alone!!!"

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