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  1. He was ok but definitely the weak link among a great ensemble. I'm not a big fan of his acting in general though.
  2. Pretty sure the most classic Jeff Wells moment came when he wrote an article about how phony and not at all realistic Mary Elizabeth Winstead's performance in 10 Cloverfield Lane was and actually tweeted AT her Twitter account. To which she answered: "was it because I was too fat?"
  3. Remember when Jeff Wells said that the success of 300 and Transformers proved that men were officially stupid? lmao.
  4. I feel like I have literally just lost brain cells.
  5. This will always be the funniest marijuana story:
  6. Yeah. For the sake of a punchline. Talk about tone deaf and dunderheaded.
  7. In fact is Henry Cavill cornering the market for unintentionally homoerotic movies? I believe this was the first official still released from The Man From U.N.C.L.E. a few years back lmao.
  8. I love that pretty much all of the marketing materials for that centered around the two of them just glaring at each other. Like they were trying to give the smutty-minded fanfiction people a starting point.
  9. Looking forward to whatever rushed Gotham City Sirens script they put together and they blame it on "the strike."
  10. That movie might as well be in black and white to him.
  11. 3 months (November 2007-February 2008).
  12. Guess that means SNL's over for the season. Oh well, Dwayne Johnson still has Jumanji to promote at the end of the year.
  13. What is this, Call Me by Your Name?
  14. You are probably the most unabashedly smutty member of this site lol. Actually that one poster who once said that some hot actor made her "soggy" or whatever, among other sexual comments, is worse.
  15. Jake Gyllenhaal is off limits because he's too perfect for anyone. Michael Shannon is off limits because...well, can you imagine what sex with him is like? Safe words won't help ya there, everyone.
  16. Actually, I just figured out who Han's fourth crush that he can't remember is: a dude.
  17. I was about to guess it was Amazing Amy, but she's old enough to be your mom, so no.
  18. Blame Weinstein and their lack of resources these days for The Founder not really going anywhere.
  19. TOG and Han (cause Sofia Boutella is his dream girlfriend along with Anya Taylor-Joy) are ready for the showdown.