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  1. It was alright. The new songs were fairly forgettable and I'm not sure the extra plot scenes added much more overall to the film but it was okay. Luke Evans and Josh Gad were very good and their version of Gaston has been a real ear worm since watching the film yesterday. Rated it B
  2. BOM international numbers seem to be updated much less frequently then The Numbers which could be the reason for the disparity.
  3. Thanks for the info.
  4. Also got my ticket for Wednesday have been looking forward to this since the first trailer.
  5. B- The action scenes were really great and I thought the design of the island and look of the monsters was also excellent but the characters were paper thin, only Samuel L Jackson and John C. Reilly made much of impression.
  6. That looks so good!!! Charlize looks amazingly badass
  7. Joy has been so far my favourite JLaw performance for me I thought it wonderfully grounded and measured. I hadn't realise it was so divisive until she was nominated for the Oscar and seeing some of the posts on IMDb. From the few snippets I've read about mother! Makes it sound very interesting and extremely odd. I wonder when Paramount will release a trailer for it if it's out in October?
  8. Got my tickets for IMAX tomorrow and very much looking forward to seeing this, The Fox X-Men films have always been my favourite of the comic book franchise.
  9. More interested now that Phoebe Waller-Bridge has been added to the cast.
  10. Big drop in theatres nearly 60% will be in just 625 from Friday.
  11. TGWTT kept a higher count of theatres this week 1900 to Passengers 1500. I'm still hopeful for $100m but we will see.
  12. On other films people have mentioned a run in lower priced cinemas late in a films release, Would Passengers qualify for that mini expansion or is that just for super big blockbusters?
  13. Saw this last year and loved it then. Sasha Lane is magnetic as Star you can't keep your eyes of her and she gives such a complex yet subtle performance. The film flew by and I agree with the other posters on this thread it really sticks with you. The cast was all good but the three main parts Lane, Keough and LaBeouf seemed to become their characters, just an additional layer of excellence.
  14. Gave it a B from me - liked it, thought it was a solid, entertaining movie but didn't love it.
  15. January A monster calls - A Silence - A La La Land - B Manchester by the sea - A+