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  1. Mine me too but unfortunately it's not out to November where I am.
  2. I was thinking the trailer might be released online around the time if the Venice film festival selection announcement if it was included but I would be more then happy if it's out earlier.
  3. War For the Planet of the Apes (2017)

    Gave it an A. Perfect end to a super strong trilogy with enough parts seeded in with references to the original films. Great stuff.
  4. I'm in...but I think it will be close.
  5. I thought it was a fun, energetic movie, excellent action scenes, the performances were uniformly great and it has a fabulous soundtrack. So I did really enjoy it but I would agree that the female characters were underwritten. The male characters were given lots of opportunity to shine, the actresses less so.
  6. Dunkirk Under Fury (85m) Domestically

  7. The Mummy (2017)

    Liked Jake Johnson performance but mostly found the film to be a bore. D
  8. That poster is so striking. Weirdly it kind of reminds me of pictures of female saints but I think that's more the expression on her face and holding her hands outwardly.
  9. Sorry don't know what moved from March. Curious to find out if anyone knows.
  10. I think it was Murder on the Orient Express that was moved to its spot. Red Sparrow will be getting the same weekend as Logan had this year in March,which makes sense if it is also a violent G rated film.
  11. I preferred JLaw in AH over SLP her performance was so gloriously bananas. Its the sort of role you don't see actresses get to do that much being the comic relief kind of like Marisa Tomei in My cousin Vinny. I would love for DOR to have JLaw star in a comedy like Huckabees
  12. So this year Patty Jenkins (Wonder Woman), Taika Waititi (Thor 3) and maybe Kathryn Bigelow (Detroit) will be added to the list. Any other films being released that could qualify?
  13. Glad that it's finally passed 100m that last 2m has been a crawl.
  14. keri Russell should of won an Emmy by now for her performance as Elizabeth.

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