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  1. DM3 has been holding really well after its OW. Could end with a 3.5x, which is incredibly rare for a three-quel (even animated ones). While it's obviously helped by having weak competition, I think this does show that WOM isn't nearly as bad as people think. Weak competition doesn't guarantee good/great legs.
  2. I saw Spider-Man yesterday btw and I can kind of see why it's not holding that well. It's really fun (like pretty much every MCU film) and has some really good humor, but it doesn't offer anything new whatsoever. Michael Keaton was fantastic, though. Easily the best MCU villain except Loki and the best part of the movie IMO.
  3. Even still, about 50m for Dunkirk is great and it should have strong legs. 150m total seem very likely and it even has an outside shot at 200m.
  4. So Rth said 22m for Dunkirk earlier, but Gitesh is saying 20m. Since Gitesh posted his number later, his could actually be more accurate. Or maybe he's just lowballing as usual.
  5. Wow! That's amazing for Dunkirk. This should settle the debate whether Nolan is a draw or not; he definitely is. Really good for Girls Trip, but not that surprising since the market is starving for comedies and it's targeting an underserved audience. Yikes at Valerian and most holdovers. Really digging the new forum design btw. Good Job @Water Bottle, @Emperor Tele-Limai and all the other admins/mods.
  6. I think it's obvious that Spider-Man's WOM is not "out of this world", but it's clearly not bad, either. Otherwise it would've dropped even more. I think its WOM is merely good, which doesn't necessarily guarantee great legs.
  7. So does anybody want to bet on which page @That One Guy is gonna have his epic meltdown about Valerian's bombage. I'm thinking O/U Page 50.
  8. Sorry, but there's just no way Batman v Superman wouldn't have done significantly better if it would've been well-received. This was a sure-fire billion dollar grosser and the fact that it fell short of that is entirely because it had horrible word-of-mouth. Comparing it to Spider-Man: Homecoming isn't fair IMO because they're two very different films.
  9. Asgard blesses us early. SMH 7.4, Apes 7.1, WW 1.2M Tues

    Overall, summer weekdays obviously only influence a movie's gross by maybe 5-10% (if people want to see it, they'll see it regardless of when it opens), but those 5-10% percent can sometimes decide whether it'll pass a certain milestone. Overall, though, Spider-Man would've been a success even if it came out in September, so ultimately it's not that decisive.
  10. Asgard blesses us early. SMH 7.4, Apes 7.1, WW 1.2M Tues

    Spider-Man really has an advantage of Summer weekdays. If it would've opened in May it probably would've struggled to 300m, but now it's gonna pass it relatively easily.
  11. Spidey is number one, closely followed by Apes.
  12. Looking at this thread, I kind of want both Ragnarök and Justice League to underperform in November so that neither of the mega-fanboys can gloat about it. This Marvel vs. DC crap is really starting to poison this forum at this point.
  13. Comparing this movie to Transformers 5 is unfair IMO. TF5 completely nosedived and will become the lowest-grossing film of the Franchise not just domestically, but also worldwide. This movie on the other hand will make close to 800m, which while a big drop from Pirates 4 is still much higher than the first film. I think Disney could get away with making one more, but then they should really end it after the sixth one.
  14. Okay, that I sort of agree with. I thought you meant people didn't care about an Avengers movie at all. Yes, the actual storyline will only matter to the die-hards.
  15. Did @Ethan Hunt just say that nobody cares about Infinity War? If so, that's one of the most ridiculous things I've read on here (which is saying a lot).

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