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  1. Normally I would say Power Rangers won't get a sequel, but this is Lionsgate we're talking about and they're desperate for a franchise, so a sequel will probably happen. I'm about to see Kong btw. Hope it's a lot of fun.
  2. I told you some people were gonna be disappointed with a $90m second weekend. I know this movie has defined expectations so far, but this is still another classic case of BOT overpredicting and then having a (small) meltdown when it doesn't reach absurdly high predictions. Never change, guys. Never change.
  3. For all of those who are somehow disappointed if BatB "only" does 85-90m this weekend, keep in mind that anything less than a 50% drop would still be absolutely insane considering the gigantic numbers we're dealing with. Not even the Avengers managed that. This movie is a beast no matter what.
  4. Good example for that is RDJ. Not really a draw on his own (as The Judge showed) but as Iron Man and to a lesser extent Sherlock Holmes he's a huge draw.
  5. So could Logan pass 200m this weekend? It'll need about 9m, which is around a 50% drop.
  6. I still think anything less than a 50% drop this weekend would be incredible considering the numbers we're dealing with.
  7. Looks like @Spaghetti by the Sea's club will come down to the wire. So far Kong is holding quite a bit better than I thought.
  8. Can't wait to see @MrMarosa rejoice about the ugly Wednesday drop before he gets beaten down again by a massive second weekend.
  9. Doctor Strange had really good word-of-mouth, and while it's definitely possible that Homecoming has the same, its legs won't be great because there's a lot of competition (Strange's legs would've been even better with less competition btw). Plus I personally don't think Homecoming is gonna open that big.
  10. Thankfully @MrMarosa is one of the very trolls that came over from IMdB. Most newbies have been cool and some are a real enrichment. I was expecting a lot worse to come from IMdB, but IMO we're pretty lucky so far.
  11. Eh, that's as premature as saying 500m is dead. If it has insane drops for four to five weeks in a row, we can talk about 600m. For now, O/U TDK seems like a good target IMO.
  12. I'm starting to think Homecoming won't be quite as big as some people are expecting. Yes, it has Iron Man and the new Spidey was very well-received, but right now I can't see more than 300m, which Disney/Sony would obviously still be thrilled with.
  13. Is that good for F8?
  14. We also thought it was impossible for Saturday to stay flat from Friday plus previews and yet it happened. IMO it's already been shown that anything's possible with this movie. That being said, I'm also expecting 15-16m today because it's clearly a family-skewing film.
  15. If (and that's a gigantic, highly unlikely if) Justice League gets amazing reviews and word-of-mouth, it has a very small chance at besting BatB. But since this is Zack Snyder we're talking about, it's not gonna happen.