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  1. American Made | 9/29/2017

    where'd you find the review it doesnt even show up on google when you search for it?
  2. American Made | 9/29/2017

  3. Sucks cause Taylor is really likeable and done some enjoyable movies
  4. The Snowman OVER 50M

    I voted out, but could very easily be IN. Depends on reviews of the movie and the reviews of the movies releasing around it as well as awards nominations.
  5. don't know if this is true or not but http://www.mirror.co.uk/3am/celebrity-news/tom-cruise-breaks-two-bones-10988642
  6. American Made | 9/29/2017

    no clue but the other two are RT critics...maybe its a european publication since it opens there next week.
  7. Should end up with 411m or 3.3 x its budget. Solid return given the reviews.
  8. War of the Planet of The Apes | July 14,2017

    So should end up around 450m. Not bad, looks bad because it's a big drop from the previous movie but still pretty good.
  9. War of the Planet of The Apes | July 14,2017

    how many markets does this have left?
  10. I definitely suspect they had a basic outline outline for the movie and a simple script and decided to write the movie as they film as they do with many Cruise movies but Kurtzman couldn't handle that.
  11. bo.com has American Made at 15/50
  12. American Made | 9/29/2017

    Depends on reviews and how good the movie is. If the movie is good can very easily achieve a 3.3 multiplier being a cruise movie, his movie's are usually pretty leggy. @Alli
  13. American Made | 9/29/2017

    bo.com predicting 15/50

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