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  1. so central intelligence/knight and day.
  2. You're mistaken. prediction for Edge of tomorrow = 93m...actual = 100m Rogue nation = 197m...actual = 195m Never Go Back = 63m...actual = 58m. Actual opening weekend Tracking according to THR/Variety/ETC EOT = 25m...actual 28m Rogue Nation = 40m...actual 55m Jack Reacher = 20m...actual 22m. So if you want to go by recent historical data then the 143m predicted by is probably the most accurate and the joke predictions are the people predicting ridiculously stupid shit like sub 100m. They had virtually identical RT scores (GP slightly higher 1%) and boxoffice (rogue nation slightly lower 12m)
  3. Trailer will come out with the mummy which is the next universal movie and would put the trailer 4 months out which is standard for something that's not a huge big budget blockbuster.
  4. what's the budget on the wall 5m max?
  5. Or, they'd rather release it after The Mummy then after the shit show that was Never Go Back.
  6. REALLY!? OH FUCK I'M OUT THEN. No wait, I don't actually ever care who composes a movie.
  7. Have to assume they did research on this and thought going the darker route would differentiate themselves from the previous entries and make people curious.
  8. This was very meh for me. I assume that ending is why this was getting such rave reviews online.
  9. I'm getting more of a fun vibe from this over the dark vibe they're trying to sell
  10. Fox just pissed they had to move Kingsmen out of the way of Universal's The Mummy
  11. I want to watch this. Hawn is awesome. Seems like old times and foul play are two of my favorite comedies. No way I'd pass up an opportunity to see her on the big screen again.