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  1. It happens, but I find it's more fuckboys buy cheap hoodies, sleep in them once, spray them with a bunch of cologne, then slip it into a girls' bag. Its probably different everywhere.
  2. Ohmygod I feel like I'm reading 1984 again... So we're on this boat next to a vending machine and there was this family behind us with 3 kids aged like 3 to 10 and they want candy. The mom and dad were talking earlier and they're traveling up from Spokane, Washington. The dad is saying the kids can share a candy bar but they're crying and screaming because they each want their own. And it got really loud. Then the oldest kid got really menacingly calm and was just like "daddy, I want my candy, or I'm telling the president you are not from America and he will kill you". I think the parents just left to discipline their kids thank god. LMAO all 3 kids were wearing Lego Ninjago shirts
  3. https://www.google.ca/amp/globalnews.ca/news/3617564/calgary-veteran-who-survived-dunkirk-causes-a-stir-at-movie-premiere/amp/ This is definitely worth a read ❤️
  4. I guess apparently I've been watching a lot of The Room reviews and clips on YouTube lately cause this just showed up in my recommended :/
  5. Both Valerian and Dunkirk overperforming at my theatre. Valerian should manage our equivalent of 25M easily, but apparently weather might suck tomorrow so I wouldn't be surprised if it hardly drops from Saturday for a weekend closer to 27-28. Dunkirk taking advantage of the senior crowd, which means I had to adjust numbers a bit considering over 50% of tickets sold were seniors price. After a 18.4M Friday (we didn't have previews) it had a great Saturday increase to 22.9M. If it follows American sniper and hacksaw ridge's Sunday drop it will be at 56M here for the weekend but again cause of the weather I could see 58-60M.
  6. My head says out and it's too niche, but my heart says JOIN THE FUCKING CLUB YOU ASSHOLE in with 75M
  7. If I didn't already know it was Spielberg I never woulda guessed from that trailer. Even the BFG looked like a Spielberg film from the trailers
  8. I wouldn't have hit my limit yet but if it isn't showing up for anyone else...
  9. I literally woke up to my mom fucking vacuuming my room.
  10. Hey man, sorry super drunk here still I'm a fucking idiot I didn't stop and I don't even know why I'm posting rn I can hardly type. But we did make out. After everyone left we went upstairs and, idk we were talking then I just leaned forward. But it didn't go further. I'm home now. Sorry to disappoint
  11. Wait a sec, no we didn't sleep together, I'll explain a bit more whenever I gets home in 15 minutes
  12. I didnt. But I'm still super drunk. Oh well, another time
  13. I just had a fuckton of drinks.. Oops. I think the shots pushed me over.

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