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  1. Not that WOM isn't good, as it honestly is. Most people I've talked to really enjoyed it. But it's hard to determine just how good WOM is going to be on a fanboy driven movie. Take Warcraft or Assassin's Creed; there were probably a lot of fans that liked those as well. That all being said, PR is better than both of those, and will have better WOM than those two.
  2. Won't have the same WOM as Tarzan. Was a decent hit with seniors crowd rather than fanboy crowd. I'd say 100-105 is the target.
  3. Damn I haven't watched Loony Toons in ages. I guess I know what I'll be doing tomorrow night in that case. Honestly they're so special to me and my family. My dad grew up with them, my mom grew up with them, me and my sister did. All our Christmas decorations (or at least almost all) are looney toon themed. And my kids are 100% for sure gonna grow up with them.
  4. If/whenever The Disaster Artist, Death Cure, War With Grandpa, come out witness DAJK go to darker places than he should
  5. Damn I'm just hoping I don't slip up
  6. Disagree with CJohn completely. I gotta say, the last 20 minutes were what nearly put me to sleep. It was as though the writers were like "okay... so they morphed, now what? Meh, we're gonna go get a coffee and let the special effects guys write the rest of the movie." First hour or so was surprisingly good! I cared about the characters, the situations were interesting; I was invested. Overall, it's nothing to write home about. The leads have potentially bright careers ahead of them, and Isrealite is a capable director who I think has made 2 competent films now. 6.5/10
  7. Anyone know if it's possible to upload photos directly from your camera roll to the forums? Me and a coworker were dressed up as Power Rnagers for about 3 hours tonight taking pictures with a few of the kids/fans who went to see the movie tonight.
  8. Literally seeing that Life number gives me huge anxiety, and makes me really sad. Not gonna lie, my heart feels kinda heavy right now
  9. Thank god, I was so nervous for the results
  10. PR did 12.9M at my theatre tonight (minus previews, cause those things were so inflated that it would be just dumb to say 21M Friday). BatB our equivalent of 24.1M Chips 5.3M
  11. May go check out Rangers tonight, Chips tomorrow if I'm not too tired.
  12. Are we getting flash fight results today?