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  1. Fuck... I guess I am being a narcissistic goody goody
  2. Nah. Gonna say 210/630 for Lion King 185 (5-day)/470 total for Frozen 2
  3. This is literally the week from hell for all grads while most of the shit that happened with me at school last week has sorts blown over, a whole new monster is eating me away. By this Friday, all scholarships for schools and district bursary and scholarship applications are due. All online courses must be complete this Friday, accepting offers of admission to most universities must be done by this Sunday, and to top that off I also got 2 tests on Friday At least I'll be able to see my grandma this weekend
  4. I don't see this missing 10M regardless of reviews. Watson is basically at an all time high after Beauty, Hanks is still somewhat of a draw at times, and the trailers have been played very often at theatres.
  5. In, but under It for top September OW this year
  6. Gonna fucking destroy July record
  7. 9 is obvs gonna be moved to December once Last Jedi dominated this December. Especially with no Avatar in 2019
  8. Nah IMO Baywatch is gonna be another 21 Jump Street with a bigger OW it's good
  9. Latin Lover over Circle??
  10. Damn I think I went down to 72% with actuals
  11. Good luck on your exam! You'll do great!