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  1. Should have gone Under like everyone else... Edit - To be fair, I have no idea why the conventional wisdom happened to be right since it was pretty much a coin toss.
  2. To me, the most entertaining part was where he ignored that CJohn living there is the majority of the reason people pay more attention to Portugese BO than, say, Italian BO (other than how weirdly late the Italians always seem to release stuff). Anyway, my ignore list was looking a little paltry.
  3. Its relevant because one of the mods, who happens to be an active, knowledgeable and well liked poster, lives in Portugal. If you'd read the posts you might have been able to figure that out. Edit - I was also going to add a point about how ANY regional BO discussion (how do sell-outs look in LA? How's the East Coast?) are by definition not the entire picture, yet still somehow manage to be relevant. But Barnack did a good job of beating me to it.
  4. Im guessing you didnt actually read the posts or you might have been able to figure that out for yourself.
  5. Who was talking about the Australia to USA OW conversion ratio a while back? Wasn't it like 12 to 1 or something?
  6. Always exceed expectations! Such as in the size of your crater!
  7. You and me both. The likelihood that its trailer will FINALLY arrive with GotG 2 next week suggests we're not going to have much time to revisit our rankings.
  8. Huh. I went to check on My Cousin Vinny as a counter example, and realized that IT is rated R as well. I'm no prude, and I'm generally aware of the rating rules, but every once in a while it still strikes me how bizarre it is that a movie can kill hundreds of people and have pretty strongly suggested sex and have it still be PG-13. But solid double-digit curse words will get you an R.
  9. Yeah, seriously. I watched it with my wife and we loved it so much that she wanted to take our older daughter (who was like 10). Neither of us batted an eye at the idea of her seeing it. As my wife was looking into getting tickets, she was like "WTF? Chef was rated "R"? Seriously?" Until then, I wouldn't have guessed it was rated R at all and that rating was a topic of amused conversation for some time. My wife still totally took our older daughter to see it, and everyone thought it was great.
  10. Chef may have been the R-rated movie that did the least to deserve its R-rating I've ever seen. It was basically rated-R for "adult situations", but instead of the usual sex and violence, it was stuff like discussions of health insurance and the emotional fall-out of going through a divorce. So, an R-rating for boring subject material, except it wasn't boring.
  11. But I love surprises!