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  1. If it finished its current markets at 350M (probably on the low side but w/e), then there's just Korea, Japan and China to go. If it does half of Dawn in Japan and Korea then that'd be about 20M from the two of those. China is unlikely to drop much if at all and could easily increase on the last one. If it did drop, then we're still looking at 100M+ remaining in the tank, so it'll be good for 450M. Above that I wouldn't want to guarantee anything. Disappointing for sure. Especially given it's everywhere has dropped, not just the US. In fact OS will have dropped significantly more than the US. Not good at all. Can't see them trying to continue this particular series of POTA.
  2. Um, sorry what? Since when was King Arthur a hit?
  3. The Classic Conversation Thread: The Sequel

    You've never heard of Starcraft?!?! Or you didn't know there was a re-release... which is fine and not heresy
  4. The Classic Conversation Thread: The Sequel

    Is anyone else planning on getting Starcraft Remastered? Comes out today.
  5. you know the first one did 37/84, right? I don't see why sequel would do 35/100.
  6. Well if 2017 does get to 34 100Ms, it won't be that way. There is now way Annabelle 2 gets a 3x multi. Even in summer.
  7. the biggest IT trailer on youtube seems to have 15M views? which isn't anythingf special.
  8. Seems like some pretty wild speculation. Despicable Me 3 only $40M marketing costs, while The Mummy is $150M? Yeah someone's pulling numbers blindly out of their rectum.
  9. The Classic Conversation Thread: The Sequel

    Just woke up, it's 2am and I felt asleep at 6pm. Got to be up at 8 for work, do I keep on sleeping or do I get up?
  10. The Classic Conversation Thread: The Sequel

    Did my good deed for the year last night, was driving behind a drunk driver so I followed him and called the police.
  11. Oh. Emoji did fine, nothing great but it's fine. Opening to $25M on a $50M budget is OK particularly when its a kids movie.
  12. LOGAN LUCKY | 08.18.17 | trailer on page 2

    Saw a trailer in the cinema a couple days ago, this had gone completely under my radar. Looks rad.

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