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  1. The Classic Conversation Thread: The Sequel

    I can now drink in America.
  2. Does Apes have many more territories to open in? And what dates the China release? The whole thing is looking pretty bad at the moment, doing poorly domestic and OS. Although I seem to recall Dawn taking a while to build up to the 700M it grossed.
  3. The Classic Conversation Thread: The Sequel

    I got a called a millennial today at work when I mentioned I wasn't absolutely head over heels in love with Dunkirk.
  4. The Classic Conversation Thread: The Sequel

    I wouldn't describe it as having "great jokes", they've never been hysterical or anything, but any time I listen to Tenacious D, I just have a smile on my face and they make me chuckle. Nothing outstandingly hilarious but I still just find them deliciously funny and enjoyable. Jack Black has a link to my funny bone, I swear. Watching him is like being tickled.
  5. The Classic Conversation Thread: The Sequel

    Just watched Tenacious D in the Pick of Destiny. Definition of comfort food movie.
  6. The Classic Conversation Thread: The Sequel

    I've just moved house and I managed to give my friend a mixture of my old address and my new address well, just gotta cancel the bank cards just in case. It won't be returned to sender as there was no return address. It'll either go to the wrong house or perhaps someone in the royal mail will nick it.
  7. The Classic Conversation Thread: The Sequel

    I left my wallet at my friends house last week, and asked him to post it back to me... so of course I gave him completely the wrong address, and now I've lost my wallet. Have to cancel all my bank cards, replace my driving licence and every membership card I have... well done me
  8. Dunkirk (2017)

    Lots of very impressive shots and sets, but not much more than that. A tech demo can only go so far before you get bored. I can't name a single character let alone attempt to describe any of them. In a film like this it's kind of hard to go along with it without any way in to the characters. I didn't know anything about the evacuation before seeing the film so didn't know how it ended - but I really couldn't care less during the movie. I mean I was engaged enough, but whether they all got killed or they escaped it wouldn't have bothered me either way. Which given that you don't see a single enemy person in the film (which I hadn't realised until writing this sentence) really speaks to how little I cared about the characters. I'd also try to pick a few holes in the plot but I don't care enough to do so. That being said, I am glad it is possible to make films like this on such a large budget. I'm not especially a fan of Nolan but I'm glad he is able to make the films he wants to make, as opposed to most tentpole releases which consist of bland CGI nonsense trying to sell you toys.
  9. Just saw Dunkirk, technically extraordinary but I couldn't have cared less about any of the characters if I tried. Very cold and clinical filmmaking. Usual Nolan ah although fortunately there's not much dialogue for him to screw up.
  10. It's very dark and as said above feels quite heavy, very little humour etc. But it's totally worth it, I can't remember the last tentpole film that was this good.
  11. The Classic Conversation Thread: The Sequel

    Yep. So I guess the conclusion I've learned is that I should just drink straight spirits.
  12. The Classic Conversation Thread: The Sequel

    I went out last night for my birthday and I just looked up how much I drank, 32 units which was 2400 calories had no idea alcohol had so many calories. No wonder I'm putting on weight

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