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  1. To to be honest when I heard the Joker was going to be in this I knew he wasn't going to get that much screen time. This is not a joker movie nor is it a Batman movie this is a Suicide squad movie and his presence in this film is pretty much to bring him unto this new dc universe. He's pretty much the Wonder Woman role in Batman vs. Superman. So don't expect much but welcome more when it comes to Ben Afflecks the Batman because if that does happen he will have a much larger role in that movie.
  2. Now this is hard nobody I know of with Kids have even talked about seeing Ice Age it just seems like it has died off and nobody really cares about. The Adults will drive in the money for Sauasage Party I doubt they would take kids to see that though but U'd be surprised how many Parents take their kids to R Rated Horror Movies. Out for now Ice Age will stt have that flavor kids would want to see.
  3. Despite its postive Reviews I don't even see it cracking 60 Million OW and It won't even pass 250 dom
  4. Listen never really took a side to all this Ghostbusters debate people can love or hate a Movie it's their Opinion but to get threats just because the person liked the movie is becoming really ridicilious because 1st it all it's just a movie its not the end of the world.
  5. Actually he's almost right on point the studio typically gets back about 40% to 50% of the domestic box office. The distribution fee about 10 to 12% and not to mention the movie theaters that show the movie get a cut after the 3rd week
  6. No at best it's getting mediocre to average type reviews. The best I've seen is people giving it a 6.9 or at best a 7. dead pool had steals a few 8 or 9s in there.
  7. We've only seen one trailer for it and it was a teaser. It's still marvel and it still will make money. Disney also has more movies coming out than fox does. Even one of those minor hits like bfg pete dragon and moana would still give Disney the edge.
  8. Not going to happen ur forgetting about dr. Strange for one thing even that will give Disney 150+. I also think people are pretty much done with the ice age franchise it will make money but no where near 200 million.
  9. Out No Way this will make more than 400 and I think either BVS or CW will make that.
  10. Oh No He's going to tear that franchise apart.oh wait its already torn apart.
  11. I thought that movie was so bad.
  12. Surprised not a lot of people are talking about Cooties or Green Inferno for that matter. Sure they might not do well in the box office but limited horror movies seems the way to go these days. Are these 2 movies still coming out this year or were they pushed back?
  13. Thats true but when we're making early predictions anything could happen.