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  1. Transformers: The Last Knight (June 23, 2017)

    A franchise low. OW(total after OW)/total: Transformers: 258K/924K Transformers 2: 235K(275K)/872K Transformers 3: 471K/1.494M Transformers 4: 255K(311K)/713K
  2. Furious 8 just made 388M, that is quite beneficial (and much more than it made Domestically).
  3. You right in these definitive ways as if there is this obvious objective answer when these things are inherently a matter of opinion. I personally really liked WW, but I don't expect that to be enough to be in my top 5 once I have seen everything, but if WW were nominated that wouldn't mean that the academy is stupid and wrong, merely that they have a different opinion. I currently have Moonlight ranked as the 37th best film of 2016 but I wasn't terribly bothered by it winning, I just accept that academy members saw something different than me in this film.
  4. This seems like the wrong way to look at things. At the end of the day, how much money a movie makes is based on how many people want to see it, not on the date of release. If BVS actually caused lots of people to not want to see the sequel and Justice League doesn't do a good job of bringing them back, then it will drop from BVS. Either by dropping significantly on OW (like 120M-130M), or just have horrible legs (New Moon legs from 150M OW would mean 311M total).
  5. But They aren't, Inception and Interstellar massively under performed compared to the rest of the world.
  6. Your Top 25 of Each Year

    These are all the years I could make proper lists for: 2016: 2012: 2007: 1987:
  7. Best films of 1987

    1 The Last Emperor 2 Raising Arizona 3 Empire Of The Sun 4 Angel Heart 5 Robocop 6 Matewan 7 Full Metal Jacket 8 Broadcast News 9 Hope And Glory 10 Extreme Prejudice 11 Wall Street 12 The Living Daylights 13 Predator 14 Cry Freedom 15 Maurice 16 The Running Man 17 Lethal Weapon 18 The Princess Bride 19 Withnail & I 20 Innerspace 21 Planes, Trains & Automobiles 22 Fatal Attraction 23 *Batteries Not Included 24 The Dead 25 Spaceballs 26 Radio Days 27 Moonstruck 28 Bad Taste 29 The Untouchables 30 Good Morning, Vietnam 31 3 Men And A Baby 32 The Brave Little Toaster

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