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  1. I agree! (except for the cheating part!)
  2. You can apply my statement to anything in life. If Person A says Group A sucks, and you're offended, it's probably because you know they're talking about you. If you know you don't suck, you'll move on with your life. As a DC fan, and a Patriots fan, and a man, lots of people think those groups suck (even me!). But I'm not offended, because I know who they're talking about.
  3. Slashfilm is one of the best movie sites around. They do great stuff. Just like when people blanketly say that men are trash, if you're not a trash man don't worry about it. If you're a DC fan, that is offended when someone says DC fans suck, they're probably talking about you. Because you suck. If you don't suck, there is no need to be offended.
  4. Captain Marvel | March 3, 2019

    That would be a good number. Inline/just above normal Marvel films. But it will also depend on how it gets there. $100 mil OW and $200 mil total? Not happy. $50 mil OW and $200 mil total? Happy!!! Heck, even a $75 mil OW with a $200 mil total would get a happy response.
  5. It's not an anti-DCEU agenda. Jesus. It's an anti-douche agenda.
  6. A great week, and my opponent no-shows. UGH.
  7. I didn't say they ripped them off. But it's the same film, whether intentional or not. Civil War is better put together and flows better, but I didn't get any sense of stakes in the film until the final fight. And even then, I've been on record saying that IM/Cap were never friends, so the whole fighting thing was built up over... coworkers basically. I enjoyed BvS more, but would probably rate the films similarly.
  8. That's what you're doing. You do it a lot. Maybe it's a culture thing. But you come across that way almost all the time. Anyway... IM1, WS, and GotG1 are the best 3 marvel films, probably in that order.
  9. "I'm able to recognize" like you're some advanced species of cinephile. Go join the criterion forums.
  10. Nah. That's like saying you can recognize a shit film even if you love it. Speed Racer got shredded by critics and most audiences, but that's bullshit. It's amazing. Sure, hate it. But I don't "see" how you can. But whatever, I love it. Ditto for films I don't like. Whatever, like it. I don't see how.
  11. I agree. But I also really, really don't care whether anyone else likes/dislikes a film.
  12. Most of Civil War is so, so shoddy. A BvS ripoff, if you will. And outside of the final IM/CA fight, boring.
  13. Cap 1 < BB Cap 2 < TDK Cap 3 AT BEST = TDKR So... Cap 1 < IM1 Cap 2 > IM2 Cap 3 > IM3

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