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  1. The Flash teaser is the most watched of the 5. I guess the TV series did WONDERS for his character awareness. Also, it's fucking badass.
  2. Right. Exactly. A little bitch. His "friend". When were Captain America and Iron Man "friends" in the films? They NEVER got along. He acts more childish about his parents than whiny ass Batman.
  3. They could've prevented Iron Man from fighting Captain America if neither of them weren't such a BITCHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
  4. The one of him laying there is lame because it doesn't look real. Nothing on it does. And the one of him on the tower is lame because, LOL Spider-Man has been on a tower in every single other poster in every single film.
  5. Different WW pose than her individual poster. And the Batman pose is WAY better on this than his poster.
  6. How DOPE would it be if the final teaser was Green Lantern? Would the internet break? Like, not like when people say "IT BROKE THE INTERNET OMGZ", but like literally, breaking the internet.
  7. Keeping with the trend from yesterday, there will be one more teaser today... And the Unite The League site has 6 slots for heroes...
  8. I literally have like tons of tabs open to try and get all this stuff as soon as it's posted.
  9. The WW poster and the Flash teaser are A++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++