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  1. Thinking it will act like an Iron Man film is an even bigger mistake.
  2. ?!? Summer movie season starts with Guardians. Civil War didn't have competition until weekend FOUR. And that was only Apocalypse, because Alice bombed.
  3. Not to mention the huge opener the weekend prior. And it will be the third CBM of the summer.
  4. Woof. I hope this next month goes well for you. Thank you for being insanely defensive about everything anyone posts about things you love.
  5. I hope the people at the #FyreFestival have to eat each other until only one remains.
  6. how many days would you work out if you worked out every other day for a week
  7. You're staying off topic. But I'll indulge. The only one of those that's a "disappointment" is Blood Diamond. The fact the other 3 made what they did is a miracle.
  9. Not quite. He said he and his family enjoyed it. He said nothing of what anyone else thought.
  10. Sorry I joined the off topic convo... That Baahubali number is insane. Good luck to the KJ Derby...