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  1. I think the goal is for 70+% RT score. I think even a score in the 60's wouldn't be bad. But if it's another Rotten score... I'll be very disappoint.
  2. Rather odd since it could drop like... 20%, or increase like 50%.
  3. Mark Hughes tends to put a positive spin on just about everything he writes about. Just because he is brought up a lot with DC doesn't make him a shill. Read his other stuff. He's almost always optimistic about everything.
  4. The EE is significantly better, but still only good at best. Mainly because it's not nearly as poorly edited as the TC.
  5. I mean, I don't know the reason for it. It's just always been the case. And it's probably the reason I was so quick to support the LGBTQ movement.
  6. BatmanOnFilm says that Justice League is a mess, and they're delaying Batman because Affleck isn't sure he wants to go all in with DC. There you go, trolls.
  7. History proved my predictions FALSE. What a way to start the year!
  8. lol thor isn't opening to 150
  9. If you're familiar with BoxOfficeMojo or WorldOfKJ, you would not be surprised at the amount of LGBTQ. I'm actually surprised it's not a little higher.
  10. I feel bad for advancing with such a meh score against a no show last week.
  11. Because I would have SMOKED you.
  12. @AndyLL I removed Miss Sloane and added Rogue One, Collateral Beauty, La La Land, and Manchester by the Sea in the KJ derby. If you're curious
  13. It's a club that literally means nothing. Just like the Presidency in 2017.