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  1. What? No. He's a fucking hack. The points he makes in any and all reviews are contrived to drive clicks to himself. He's a waste of space in the movie reviewer community.
  2. I never said Power Rangers won't do well. I think it can get to something like $120 mil. But it could also make under $60 mil. Saying it will beat Kong, which is about locked to make $120+ mil, is a little out there. Hence the slow down there.
  3. Trolls will compare it to the uber successes of BvS, Civil War, Iron Man, etc. Intelligent people will say that a $240 mil gross is where it should about land, depending on the OW.
  4. They don't mean nothing. But you can't base your entire argument out of it. "early screening reactions mean nothing" no, they mean something, but it can change "late embargo means everything" no, it means very little, but it could mean a lot "fandango sales mean nothing" no, but you have to compare it to similar films and the increasing trend of using the internet to buy tickets Nothing means nothing. Trailer views mean SOMETHING.
  5. Cure for Wellness had 10 mil+ youtube views. How'd that turn out?
  6. If you notice, her "spikes" essentially match Superman. And that's saying a TON when she's never had a movie, and hasn't really been in popular culture in DECADES.
  7. When I mention Kong being huge online, I'm referring to King Kong in general. He's very geek-chic.
  8. If you were to list the films with the most buzz it would be: 1. Beauty and the Beast 2. Logan 3. Kong 1. Wonder Woman 2. Pirates? 3. Mummy? If you don't see the difference, you're trolling. Because as of now, who the hell knows what Mummy will do. $100 mil TOTAL? Pirates could very well do $250 mil total, or it could struggle to get to $175 mil. Logan is getting rave reviews, and is peaking with Jackman's final appearance, and I don't even have to tell you how much Beauty is going to explode. Kong is directly, 100% competing with Logan. Wonder Woman is BARELY competing with either Pirates or Mummy.
  9. Yes, Kong is huge online. But anyone here can see that is has an AWFUL release date, and has been marketed VERY poorly. Dampening interest. If Kong would've moved to August, with a King Kong ad budget, it would do $240+ ml. Potentially $275+ mil. But where it's at now? It might struggle to get $150 mil.
  10. Flat steel doesn't translate well to film. The only thing I can remember looking pretty good is Colossus in Deadpool, but then they made him look muscular rather than robotic. The Flash suit doesn't bother me as long as it makes sense. Outside of Spiderman, who has had a million different movie looks, spandex doesn't usually do that well.
  11. I'm sure plenty of people who "don't use the internet" came out in droves for Fifty Shades. Doesn't really mean anything. If WW is huge online, that generally trends well for the average moviegoer. Beauty and the Beast is HUGE online. Star Wars is HUGE online. Quantifying interest outside of online interest is next to impossible.
  12. It's silly to think a WW film will fall in line with the likes of CA, Thor, and Ant-Man. WW is on Spider-Man, Superman, Batman, Iron Man levels.
  13. I mean it's not like everyone in the world is online. I'm sure you talked to the many people who are not online.
  14. Like... This will have the female demo almost all to itself. "Competition" is when a film is directly going up against like films. If Pirates was at its peak, then we might have a bigger issue. But it's not.