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  1. Was able to throw together a top 75. Look forward to the results.
  2. Yeah, I should have, but really I just picked a random team with no thought.
  3. I was trying to be different with my pick.
  4. Just noticed this. Will make some kind of a list after I think about it.
  5. Just saw this, so I will try to get a list in.
  6. Still can't believe what happened. That ending to the Academy Awards will never be topped for the sheer craziness of it. I am overjoyed Moonlight won, but I feel really bad for the La La Land team for having to deal with that shit show. Also, sucks for Moonlight that they didn't get to truly enjoy their win.
  7. Yeah, it was a shit show, but I'm just glad the best of the nominees won. La La Land is really good, but Moonlight is a truly great movie!