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  1. MOTHER! under 60 dom club

    I'm OUT but even If this fail the mark and makes only like 40m, it will succeed bc its budget is only 13m
  2. Most Anticipated September Release

    1. Mother! 2. Kingsman 2. 3. It.
  3. Looks like the one we saw this monday was the tease of the one playing in theaters now. Let me guess, the one rated today will be playing in theaters first next week and will drop online later. (August 15th) WYD @aronofsky?
  4. They can coexist if they are 3 or 4 weeks apart.
  5. Rank the DCEU films

    Wonder Woman A. Batman vs Superman B Man of Steel C+ Suicide Squad F.
  6. Argentina Box Office - Minions: first movie ever to do $35m+!!!

    Because tickets are more expensive now.
  7. I'd like to see her back too, but only if she does a cameo. Apparently, a little Marie has been cast.
  8. Wasn't Deadpool 2 the one opening in July?
  9. RED SPARROW | 03.02.18 | Fox | Jennifer Lawrence

    I think it says that the film will be released on March 1st in Germany, not that there will be a Premiere in that country.
  10. RED SPARROW | 03.02.18 | Fox | Jennifer Lawrence

    Couldn't see the video, she blocked me

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