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  1. Look at Avatar. Twice of TFA. Jesus Christ. That was truly a worldwide phenomenon.
  2. 40m is sill low. I want more. Much more.
  3. Frontloaded. It seems legs will be like xmen films in North America. Someone tell me I am wrong.
  4. horrible release date. So many chinese movies to compete with and then Dunkirk, Apes 3 and SMH back to back. I think it should have released after these movies in the last week of September. But I bet Besson begged China to release his film soon before piracy kills it. But we all know he has lost his marbles.
  5. Critics are fools. I know they are miscast for a big movie like this, but why bring it up all the time. Give them props for how they managed to do well enough. I mean so many garbage films get fresh rating, but this one is rotten. It's a travesty.
  6. yep. Trank casted him right. Sad thing is that we will see him in a Trank movie soon!!
  7. I was hoping at least 50 million. But really should be doing 100.
  8. Doesn't matter. Brazilians are big fans of Nolan. That is enough for Dunkirk to do well.
  9. But that's not good enough....Lucy did 42 million in France and had a budget of 40 million. It did very well EVERYWHERE. DM3, as you say will do close to 35M. It has a 80 million budget and has done very well everywhere. But Valerian? It has to make up for its epic bombage in North America by grossing big numbers everywhere including France because it has a 200+ million budget.
  10. I certainly will. Will go on a tirade against American taste if it cracks 25 million.
  11. Doing less than Lucy and Fifth Element (1997) is not good. Will 3d help its boxoffice gross? DM3 has grossed approx 20M in France after 11.4M opening weekend, which is very bad. So Valerian could end up doing only 15M total in France. MAX 20M. That's a flop, right?
  12. LOL @ Besson and his Brazilian distributor for thinking they can take on Dunkirk. Should have immediately delayed it after seeing how it tanked so badly in North America.

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