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  1. . Don't mess with mama Studio: Good film studio Director: Elizabeth Bank Genre: action comedy Release date: September 25 Budget: 15 million Theater count: 2,000 Rating: Pg13: for extreme violence Run time: 95 minutes Cast: sandra Bullok, Anna Kendricks, Hailey Steinfeld Plot
  2. I agree that would be easier but part of the appealing part of the game to me is haveing other ameture writers look over my work
  3. I've been super busy but I working on things and hopefully we can get the games going again
  4. the Road to El Derado
  5. the most dangerous games
  6. honestly one of the weirdest movies I've ever seen. While it starts interestingly enough with a group of troubled leads. As soon as the action starts the movie just gets bizarre. The impregnation plot twist was literally so bad it was funny. Seriously tho the main guy there was like four different times that I swore he was dead but he just kept suddenly hopping back up. At the end when she is running off I still kind of wondered if he was gonna come back from the dead again D-
  7. @goodmoviesstudio Gareth Edwards has been attached to Steelheart film adaption set for release next year
  8. Steeleheart and any other Sanderson novels
  9. @goodmoviestudios Big things coming
  10. I just wanted to say I noticed my projects were not on this updated schedule @cookie
  11. Ben 10 and the evil within
  12. Really working on new stuff