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  1. Maybe it will hit 20M...
  2. Wtf, the movie just started with zero trailers playing. still the only one in the theater
  3. Did it give TERMINAL testicular cancer and chlamydia at the same time? Ebola?
  4. That bad? Last I checked, a 2.5/10 was not possible on the CJohn scale. Did it have radiation in it that gave you testicular cancer or something?
  5. David Ehrlich gave this a D lmao http://www.indiewire.com/2017/07/the-emoji-movie-review-bad-patrick-stewart-tj-miller-anna-faris-spotify-1201860781/2/
  6. 2ND HIGHEST OPENING DAY IN FRANCE OF THE YEAR FOR VALERIAN http://deadline.com/2017/07/valerian-france-box-office-opening-results-1202137210/
  7. About to go see Apes for a second time and do my part as an audience member to support quality cinema
  8. I'm the only one who has tickets for my showing of Atomic Blonde tomorrow
  9. yeah but what would it be called? Financially Unstable Working Adults Musical?

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