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  1. Part A: 1. Will Guardians make more than $130M? Yes 2. Will Guardians make more than $150M? Yes 3. WIll Guardians drop more than 15% on Saturday? Yes 4. Will Guardians make more than 80% of the total gross of all films reported on BOM this weekend? Yes 5. Will Friday account for at least 40% of Guardians' weekend gross? Yes 6. Will Fate of the Furious drop less than 55%? No 7. Will The Circle drop more than 60%? Yes 8. Will Latin Lover stay about Baahubali? Yes 9. Will Boss Baby increase more than 85% on Saturday? Yes 10. Will the top 11 films all make more than $1M? Yes 11. Will Gifted's PTA stay above $1,000? Yes 12. Will Going in Style stay aboe Smurfs? Yes 13. Will Free Fire make less than $75,000 for the whole weekend? Yes 14. Will Logan stay above Colossal? Yes 15. Will Power Rangers cross $85M by the end of the weekend? Yes 16. Will Life have a PTA above $400? Yes 17. Will Case for Christ have a PTA above $600? Yes 18. Will CHuck have a PTA aboe $3,000? No 19. Will 3 Generations have a PTA above $7,500? Yes 20. Will Ghost in the Shell have a PTA above $500? Yes 21. Will Guardians' Actuals be Higher than the official final estimates for the weekend on BOM? Yes 22. Will Fate of the Furious' first Deadline weekend estimate be within 500k of the actual total? No 23. Will any film in more than 100 theatres drop more than 80%? Yes 24. Will the whole weekend total of every film be above $185M? Yes 25. How many Hobbits will ride Groot into battle during Guardians 2? 69 lol Bonus: 9/15 5000 10/15 8000 11/15 12,000 12/15 16,000 13/15 20,000 14/15 24,000 15/15 30,000 Part B: The top 3 predictions will score points as follows: Closest: Within 1% - 15,000, Within 2,5% - 12000, Within 5% 9,000, Within 10% - 6000 Outside 10% - 3000 points 2nd Closest: Within 1% - 12,000, Within 2,5% - 10000, Within 5% 7,000, Within 10% - 4000 Outside 10% - 2000 points 3rd Closest: Within 1% - 10,000, Within 2,5% - 8000, Within 5% 5,000, Within 10% - 2000 Outside 10% - 1000 points 1. What will Guardians 2 make for its 3 day OW? 158.65M 2. What will Baahubali's Saturday gross be? 1.65M 3. What will The Circle's percentage drop be? -64% Part C: There will be 6 films to place and points are expanded because traditionally people haven't scored well here: 3. Latin Lover 5. Baahubali 2 8. Going in Style 10. Smurfs 13. Lost City of Z 16. Sleight Because I realised bonuses are stupid... 1/6 4,000 2/6 10,000 3/6 18,000 4/6 25,000 5/6 36,000 6/6 - 50,000
  2. So $14 a day? not much at all for a star like Depp.
  3. Have you SEEN the edge of seventeen yet?
  4. Nick, I'm just gonna say it, I like you. I've liked you for months. I think about you every second. I don't know, maybe I even love you. You're so complicated, but simple, and I just feel this connection between us, I feel like I already know you, and I just want to be with you. I want to give you head, I want you to put your mouth on my tits, I want to feel you inside me... We can do it in the Petland stockroom.
  5. Has to be both. No exceptions.
  6. Preserve this post for all future generations of men.
  7. I could tell by your posts on here.
  8. Uh, confront her face to face?
  9. It's like comparing Cannibal Holocaust with The Oogieloves.
  10. don't do school, stay in drugs.
  11. Good underrated movie.
  12. You wouldn't be saying this if we were talking about La La Land