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  1. 8th Cruise movie to gross 400m WW. (Will cross MI3 after its release in Japan) 6th top grossing cruise movie in OS. 7th top grossing movie (WW) for Cruise. 2nd Lowest grossing TC movie in Dom (Excluding the movies which he starred in his initial days)
  2. Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017)

    Watched it 2nd time thanks to my friends (They forced me) In repeat viewing this one sucks trust me! SMH is bland SH movie without proper story and Villains character was not upto the mark! Critics are full of shit no wonder they liked this flick! 60% score on RT was jus about okay! Spidey Good Villain Bad not the typical badass type villain! Aunt MAY Wasted Spideys friend Ned Best! Love Interest Mehhh Iron Man End Credits was nothing great but it was fun especially 2nd one Apart from few moments this one disappoints and joins the summer list with WW as overrated movie! 5/10

    Will do its best in NA and Europe. Asia and LA might surprise but i dont see this one doing well or even close to Interstellar numbers. War is a tough sell! In india Nolan has fanbase and is a well known brand in Bigger cities so he will pull the niche audience to watch this and will clock decent numbers!
  4. War of the Planet of The Apes | July 14,2017

    For some reason i feel this movie didn't have buzz similar to Dawn. Even though the critical reception is too good this one suffered from lack of buzz and dwindling interest on apes movies! In India Dawn and Rise did good business but this one opened to very less numbers. Even the dubbed versions were not upto the mark!
  5. say it will gross 1.2M next weekend including Dom its total will touch 390.8(391m) Japan a weekend after this so 400m is on but TF5 is releasing on Aug 5 so this one has competition irrespective of WoM i feel TF5 might cut short Mummys legs? Then again as expected TF5 is declining everywhere so same thing applies to Japan! So a total close to EoT is doable.
  6. Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017)

    So true i got irritated when Tony Stark kept spidey in his hands sure the story is like that but for me as HC fan of spidey my childhood hero i could not see him getting approval or a chance given by Iron Man! For marvel and Iron Man fans it was a treat but for some Spidey fans like me cannot digest the fact that he was under so called Iron Man!!!
  7. Spider-man 3 (2007)

    THis one is way better than TASM and SMH! Atleast in terms of performances, story and entertainment! I dont remember being disappointed by any of the movies in trilogy! This one has its own share of flaws but the worst part of the movie is Dance scene. 8/10
  8. This movie has aged very well! But will this do well compared to other classic re-runs? Btw will this release in other countries as well?
  9. So true id say this one's one of my fav cheesy movies To be frank i never get bored of watching this when i do a MI Marathon every year! I dint like this one for some point of time but my opinion changed when i watched it again!
  10. But the damage has already been done. Dunno what universal is upto now!
  11. If that's the case then how will they fit Cruise into their Universe! Will it be like RDJ in SMH ? That's what i feel if what ever u said happens!
  12. Rocky IV (1985)

    Yea most of them as u mentioned suit the DOM scenarios! But its the other way in OS. Cobra grossed 160M WW on 25 budget Over the top DOM 16M and i saw some article which mentioned it did well OS and its WW is 60M on 25m Budget. Infact it crossed 10M in Japan. Lock Up yes flop in USA no idea about OS gross! Tango was solid for stallone it grossed more than Rambo III in USA. I read somewhere it grossed 120M WW on a 55M budget! Oscar was again DOM underperformer. No idea about OS gross but in germany it had less then 500k admissions thats sums it up as stallone was draw in germany with min of 1million admissions for most of his movies! Stop or my mom will shoot! another Dom misfire but it did cross the 1m admission barrier in germany based on this it might have done well in OS to recoup its budget!
  13. Rambo: First Blood Part II

    I feel that First Blood was well received and it wasn't typical action movie, whereas the Rambo II released with the popularity of Stallone and goodwill of the first movie which led to significant increase in BO collections in USA. Rambo III had the usual sequel drop as the 2nd one received mixed reviews/Negative reviews from critics and Stallone was no longer big in USA. This what i feel after going through his filmography.
  14. The Mummy grossed 4.75cr PKR (in Pakistan) which comes upto 450k and after opening low it has sustained very well here! It will end up in top 5 Holly grossers this year! FF8 is the all time top grosser here. Overall its a hit!
  15. So True! 500 is cake walk for movies like these but if stuidos/directors fuck up then peanuts is what all you get!

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