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  1. I was ten years old and I thought superheroes were dumb at the time for some reason. My friend though kept telling me how excited he was for it and then later when he saw it how good it was. Ended up seeing it about a month after it came out with my mom and Aunt. Loved it and when it came out on DVD that November I watched it over and over
  2. Shortest Pirates movie. Considering number of characters it seems too short
  3. well looks like GOTG 2 doesn[t have anything to worry about second weekend
  4. No. Black Pearl is still in a bottle for part of the movie at least
  5. Bloom gives idea of his screentime
  6. really doubt it but that would be awesome. He does have two flops in a row (The Walk, Allied) so maybe he wants to make something that will make some cash
  7. just realized Fast 8 still has Japan to open
  9. apparently Chick Hicks is back but he is voiced by Bob Peterson instead of Michael Keaton
  10. Can someone update the title with the trailer and new release date?
  11. Trailer 5? That's enough lol
  12. considering GOTG opens on a Monday and on a holiday it is not going to be similar to the domestic opening.
  13. another character that would have been awesome to bring back is Roland Tembo but sadly Pete Postlethwaite passed away.