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  1. I fucking loved Nocturnal Animals. I screamed out loud at the much hyped jumpscare! It would be awesome if Michael Shannon wins on Sunday; he's easily the best in his category (haven't seen Lion yet tho)
  2. This and F8 of the Furious are over 2:40?
  3. I thought about watching Nocturnal Animals tonight, but I'm in the midst of an Office gif conversation
  4. I'm predicting 40/140 for this. Don't call me a hater.
  5. I'd temper expectations a bit for 30M. It's selling well around Orlando but not that well.
  6. My AMC tonight: 7:00 Get Out: 13 tickets 8:15 Get Out: 5 tickets 7:00 Collide: 0
  7. The joys of being ad free
  8. What exactly are you trying to prove? Star Trek isn't even mentioned in that image.
  9. STB forever lives on in our hearts, and it will soon be an Academy Award winning film
  10. Lmao, Villeneuve isn't winning. If anyone upsets Chazelle, it'll be Jenkins.
  11. Picture: LLL Chazelle Affleck Stone Ali Davis OS: Manchester AS: Moonlight Animated: Zootopia Cinematography: LLL Editing: Arrival Score: LLL Song: City of Stars Prod: LLL Costume: LLL Makeup: VFX: Deepwater Sound Editing: Hacksaw Sound Mixing: LLL 9 for La La Land, 2 for Manchester and Moonlight, and 1 for Arrival, Fences, and Hacksaw.
  12. I feel like La La Land isn't hitting a double digit win anymore tbh.