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  1. That was the original plan until Showtime passed on it.
  2. I don't blame you; season 2 started pretty slow.
  3. I really enjoyed the first season of Sunny but stopped about halfway through the second because I was bored
  4. Sometimes I want to risk the low chance of an allergic reaction to peanut oil just to try Chick Fil A
  5. Now that it's getting good reviews, this club's chances of succeeding have gone down.
  6. #FuckLionsgate This is some pretty hot cover art though
  7. The trailers are mildly amusing *shrug* But seriously, The Nut Job 2 looks like fucking cancer. I'm so fucking sick of seeing that trailer.
  8. UGHHHHHHHHHH SOMETHING I JUST REMEMBERED: I'll probably get The Nut Job trailer with Boss Baby. Yeah, strongly reconsidering seeing it now
  9. I got it at Power Rangers. The trailer had an ok-ish reaction.
  10. Netflix has the Dreamworks rights.
  11. I'm considering a Ghost in the Shell/Boss Baby double feature on Friday, but I'm waiting for more reviews on the latter. The Boss Baby show is at 9:45 and GITS 3D is at 11:45, so I'll have about a 15 minute break between the movies. Tickets are dirt cheap before noon, but Boss Baby will also be on Netflix later this year. Hmmm