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  1. I've only seen two each in their filmographies, but Arrival and Sicario combined beats La La Land and Whiplash.
  2. Chazelle is the jizz maker, and Villenueve is the blower of balls. What the fuck did I just type?
  3. At the beginning of summer, there's plenty of hugs and kisses.
  4. I can only imagine how rating porn would go
  5. Of course you are.
  6. I've already been to the movies twice this month. Split will be my third trip, and I'll see xXx if it's as hilariously bad as it looks. Plus, I'll see Lion this month if it expands and I have time..
  7. The review is nearly 40 minutes long
  8. Go eat a Finnish pizza.
  9. This was an absolute shit year for blockbusters. However, there were a lot of great smaller films.
  10. Nobody has a score in the 80's after the revised estimates just released