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  1. F8 passed AOU to become 3rd highest grossing film in Vietnam. Still, with GOTG2 opening this week, F8's gonna finish 15-20% below F7.
  2. BaTB has a real shot at making $100+ in JP, its OW is massive. It'll be interesting to see how close BaTB can get to Frozen.
  3. $120-130M in Japan + $630M OS-JP + $500M DOM = $1.25-1.26B. Very close to Frozen. If OS-JP can do $650M than BaTB would have a real shot at beating Frozen
  4. Finding Dory managed to squeeze out $26M after $7.2M weekend. I hope BaTB can make another $29M after this $10M weekend to get to $500M
  5. Titanic has 20 years and it's still #3. Can it survive another 20 years?
  6. I don't think it will go under $200M either but it has been dropping harder than BvS which has 1.99x multiplier. F8 needs 2.025x multiplier to go over $200M
  7. 65%+ drop is coming unless it has huge Fri and Sat jumps. F8 finishes below $200M DOM?
  8. Kong finished its run in Vietnam with $8.8-8.9M (no official number yet) beating Furious 7's record of $7.2M
  9. How many gas do you guys think BaTB has left? It's dropping harder than i thought so $1.3B is probably dead unless it has Frozen's style run.
  10. How is $500m dead? 432+25x3= 507 I think BaTB will finish in $500-510m
  11. So Fast and Furious is now Star Wars of China? Never understand the love for that franchise. I'm OUT btw, it's because of TFA's massive previews. I expect F8 China true OW > TFA DOM true OW.
  12. Yeah. 1.3B is possible too, depends on Japan
  13. No, he just narrated through more than half of the trailer