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  1. Best films of 2005!

    Revenge of the Sith -- A+ (I'm not really sure what Lucas' intentions were. The first act is a compromised set of scenes wherein most of the themes of the OT is deald with. This act is just as well a nostalgic take on TPM. It's crazy as hell. And the dialogue driven second act is very succinct as every spoken line drives the plot at the same as they are characterizising. The third act is Shakespeare and Lawrence of arabia twice two. It's a masterpiece I really can't understand. The New World -- A (More action driven version of the "The Tree of life". I think its a bigger achievement as well.) Munich -- A (One of Spielbergs better films. Not as grand and personal as his masterpieces (Schindlers List, ET, Jaws), still very honest and moral sensic. War is bad. Yes. Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to... You get it...Munich is very poignant and relevant. Thriller and drama perfectly done. What more can you expect from spielberg sex. 1 Litre of Tears -- A- (Very sad true story. Works well because the movie really is sad.) Match Point -- A- (Woody Allen doing something else. Doing it well.) Batman Begins -- A- Goodnight and Good luck -- A- Sophie Scholl -- A- War of the Worlds -- A- Brokeback Mountain -- A-
  2. Tele's 100 Favorite Movies aka "Comfort Food" (complete)

    When were you born? 1973?
  3. Dunkirk (2017)

    His best Movie to date. A great accomplishment with which he proves he's really got talent. If every Movie of his was this great he'd be god. Watching it 70mm was indeed an experience: it all gets dark Before it starts and then you are like "trapped" with this film and when it's over it's like you just woke up from a Dream. The Movie itself showcased all his strengths. Here he is playing with time and timelines in an almost jawdropping way. The cinematography was pure precision. Watching Dunkirk, it almost feels like your an all knowing god who can see Everything but has no chance to change the course of the events (the sinking ship scene comes to mind). I also enjoyed how brittish this felt. The direction is watershed. And its themes and characters are all thought provoking in a good way. It's so good that it's hard to write bout it. A (4,5)-- Fantastic (An (pretty) original idea executed with great ambition and precision). Top 10 2017 so far: Dunkirk Wonder Woman Song to Song Alien Convenant Get Out Logan The Other Side of Hope Spiderman: Homecoming Baby Driver It Comes at Night
  4. I hope you understand My last post bout women gaining weight being an issue wasnt serious. Rather very critocal of some other comments
  5. You really are the president arent you? women gaining weight is an issue indeed. I choose to believe that instead of fighting the monsters she had to fight to reach the secret of the force she just chose to eat them.
  6. Kylo Ren was probably the best thing about TFA for of this reason. But as you said, it was a minor part of the Movie and something that J.J. obviously didn't dare to handle (George Lucas would explore this theme with much more ambition and insight). With "no new plotlines" I mean plotlines we haven't dealed with yet in the saga. The Death of the Mentor (Han Solo) was dealt with already back in 1977 (remember Obi Wan?). With ATTACK OF THE CLONES and REVENGE OF THE SITH George Lucas dealt with plotline wherein the hero (Anakin) tries to deal with his Life without a mentor who really believes in him (Qui Gon) and is instead leading a Life in which everyone mistrusts him (The Jedis). And, in comparison, to Qui Gon in TPM Han Solo is just some kind of guide in TFA who takes Rey to the next plotpoint. The Death of Han didn't really matter while the Death of Qui Gon mattered so much. There will be more Movies after TFA which might explain the impact of Han Solo's Death. TFA is the first StarWars Movie since 1977 where a Death scene does have Little to no impact on the saga. Regarding the plot about Rey: it is just a copy of Luke's journey in ANH -- nothing new. The whole "Luke-has-vanished"-thing was just a small small small thing in TFA. I'd much rather see a Movie where the new republic and the first order was looking for him in a big chase-movie than a copy of ANH -- nothing new. With "no new characters" I mean CHARACTERS and not just characters. Rey, Finn and Poe are characters we have already seen in Star Wars. Rey is a Luke Skywalker Finn is a mix of Leia and Chewie... I dont know Poe is whatever solo. We have orange woman who is a mix of Yoda and Lando. Don't know. In the end: rey, finn and poe are just friends. So were Han, Leia and Luke. And Obi Wan and Yoda were the mentors. In the PT the characters are much more complex and determined. We have mother figures, father figures, the fool, the brother. Everyone hereinplays a part in Anakin's Life. The characters are representations of things in Life that can affect a human being's Life. So... Nothing new to see here
  7. George Lucas wanted to tell the story about Analin's childhood and early adulthood. The story about a Child who becomes evil because of the fear of losing his freinds after losing his mother (Smhi) and "father" (Qui Gon) at the age of 9-10. You surely are the president BKB -- abusing the artist's freedom of speech
  8. Calling the prequels unnecessary is like calling half of the godfather part II unnecessary. the force awakens on the other hand did not bring something new to the saga. No new themes, No new plotlines, No new characters, no new environments nor lego sets. And HP deserves à reboot since the film series kicked off when the storyline wasnt finished. Now when We all know how its gonna end à new film series can be more focused on the important stuff. The film makers were probably not sure whether Ron or ron's sister would be the Love interest of harry's. Now when We all know the truth more screentime would probably be given rons sister. And snape. Oh lord, snape deserves more screentime.
  9. The Phantom Menace. After TFA was released I noticed many people writing they missed George Lucas. As if they realized films based on creativity is better than films based on nostalgia. Many great articles has since 2015 been written about the themes of TPM that not even I have thought of. Jar Jar is annoying but he is nevertheless a great part of the Star Wars saga. The idea of him is great although I don't really like him as much as I did back then.
  10. twas nice hearing Johnson and etc talking about the story rather than J Gay abrams talking bout practical effects. (That TFA BTS was so inoffensive it made me bang my head hard with a knife)

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