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  1. The Master A+ (Sustained beauty and originality; produced with precision, executed in a unique way) Prometheus A (Original idea/-s, executed with great skill and ambition) Holy Motors A Place Beyond the Pines A Brave A- (Very good! Conventionally precise and flawless OR unusual story executed in a solid but also original way) Sinister A- Eat Sleep Die A- Life of Pi A- Django A- Call Girl A- Mud A- Skyfall B+ (Good/Flawed but original) Perks of Being a Flower B+ Flight B+ Silver Linings B+ Lincoln B+ Magic Mike B+ Cabin in the Woods B+ Argo B+ Amour B+
  2. So mention one scene in RO where the characters are not developed and the plot does not progress.
  3. Depends on how you choose to watch Star Wars. Swedes and Danish star wars admires tend to like Rogue One much more than TFA. The first two acts are flawed nonetheless but at least they are way better directed and thematic than the three acts in TFA. Every scene herein features both character development and story proceeding. It's not: "Cut! Next scene! Cut! Next scene!" Rogue One's way more organic and true to Star wars.
  4. ah... that was not bad at all
  5. BB-8 reminds me of my girlfriend when she's running.
  6. Would you be happy if he at least got a moment like this:
  7. The unaltereds would be a joy for those who watches movies of educational reasons. Star Wars fans would love them too. Otherwise (except for the Jabba scene, maybe) later versions are superior in every way.
  8. If it hadn't been for Perfect World Pictures I would have been out.
  9. It's definitely an issue
  10. Exactly... So what's the point of having the "Grade it"-section at the top of the page when 1) Grades do not say very much 2) When nobody says what the A B C D E and F actually mean (Awesome, Bullshit, Carbonara, Dogshit, Efferent(!)?)... The statistics say a lot more when people know what alternative they've actually answered with.
  11. domestic box office 2017 will pass 3B on sunday. One day earlier than 2016 I think (and that year began with a friday)
  12. Fact is that I have developed an assessment model (which I use when I grade/assess my students papers), and have been using this on films since 2009/10. And as for myself it works quite well to see which movies that stood the test of time and those that I loved upon first viewing but now thinks are just ookiedookie movies. The only movies which my model didn't work on was Kick Ass and Lucy which i still enjoy so much.
  13. Isn't functional and/or entertaining (but forgetable/flawed) pretty positive? Subjectivity is just an excuse. Doesn't exist. Everything can be assessed empirically.