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  1. "As I set about crafting this authentic comedy about real human beings, I was inspired by Venn diagrams."
  2. Nolan in future interview: "I'm always looking to grow as an artist. I've been working on a gangster film actual--" Moron: "WHAT ABOUT BOND? ARE YOU GONNA DIRECT BOND?"
  3. In a way, sure. Inception had Leo and the visuals. Interstellar was all Nolan, but sci-fi epic strikes me as an easier sell than a WWII drama.
  4. If this thing approaches 50, I would think that's the biggest example of a director's drawing power since The Village (tho Avatar comes to mind).
  5. Best visual effects predictions-2017

    Apes vs. Blade Runner: Watch it be 50/50 prediction-wise until the envelope is opened.
  6. Best Picture predictions-2017!

    Picture, Screenplay and Editing all seem like good bets. I'm a bit iffy on Peele making it in but if this fall's crop fails to deliver, he very well could. Hard time seeing any other nominations beyond those four, though.
  7. 1. Spotlight 2. Moonlight 3. Argo 4. The King's Speech 5. The Artist 6. Birdman I missed 12 Years in theaters, and I've never really made an effort to see it since. It's become one of those "I'll watch it one day..." flicks.
  8. "OK, that's not good!" is probably my favorite. Could put a sitcom laugh track after that one.

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